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Fairy Tale Weddings at Disneyland Paris

Disney talks straight to your inner child. The very word conjures up wonder and innocence, adventure and magic – whether it’s a handsome Prince Charming falling in love with Cinderella or Aladdin opening up a whole new world to Jasmine. There’s goofy characters like top frighteners James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, his one-eyed partner Mike Wazowski or the likes of Timon and Pumba who win your heart with their funny antics and leave you misty-eyed with tender acts of care and affection.

Disneyland Paris

Whatever your favorite Disney story, the feelings are universal – awe-inspiring charm and narratives that leave you warm and fuzzy on the inside.

So it’s time to celebrate the extension of the brand’s many experiences into the realm of weddings. Say hello to Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings at Disneyland® Paris! The magic of Disney, the romance of Paris and the joy of your wedding! Whether you want a royal celebration or a quirky one – Disney knows how to make your dreams come true.

At Rapunzel’s ball, between networking with the Mad Hatter, Tarzan and Pocahontas, WeddingSutra got the chance to catch up with Isabelle De La Motte, the Fairy Godmother at Disneyland® Paris. In charge of weddings here, she waves her magic wand to transform the couple’s wishes for their wedding day into a memorable reality. She tells us what makes Fairy Tale Weddings at Disneyland® Paris tick and the ideal options for desi couples looking to tie the knot in one of the happiest places on earth!

1. Indian weddings are very faceted and can last from three days to a week! They’re made up of all kinds of functions, rituals, lunches, dinners. What themes can couples consider for events like the mehndi, pool-party, cocktail or even a high tea? What are the standout offerings at Disney?
Well, to begin with, banquets are completely customizable to the couple’s choice! But there is also a spectrum of pre-conceptualised venues to choose from! We can help with suggestions. For example, privatize the Walt Disney Studios® Park after the closing hours of the park, for your Sangeet Bollywood party. After the sunsets, we’ll roll out the red carpet for you and your guests to enjoy an evening of attractions, dining, dancing, and amazing shows! It will be a party you and your guests will never forget. Way to kick-off a beautiful three-day wedding celebration.

The Adventure Land of Aladdin is designed to look like a souk in Marrakech and is perfect for a mehndi function. Restaurant Agrabah Café can be privatized for this event. The café is a beautiful and warm ambiance with colorful décor. Jump off your magic carpet and take a seat in the enchanting passageways of an old Arabian bazaar. And who knows, maybe Aladdin or Genie may show up? There are a host of other themes and locations to choose from such as a Parisian Evening to Cinderella Ball to Royal Beauty and the Beast reception.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

2. The Romantic Collection at Paris Disneyland features key venues such as Disney’s Newport Bay Club®, and Sleeping Beauty Castle Courtyard. What are the key characteristics of these two spots?
Each of these venues exudes a vibe that is very unique from the others.

The Newport Bay Club is ideal for couples who’d like a nautical theme at their ceremonies. Built next to a lake, the venue can accommodate 500 people. The platform in the middle of the waterbody is definitely the highlight of this venue and is perfect for a ceremony like the pheras.

Disneyland Paris

On the other hand, Sleeping Beauty Castle Courtyard brings alive a royal romantic tale. It has a fairy tale ambience. Couples can exchange their vows under an exquisite canopy of flowers and after dinner, they head towards the area outside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle for a dance party with a live DJ.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

3. What are the other places you can get married at, in Disneyland?
There are quite few options to the venues, there’s the Dome Disney Village with a capacity for 500 persons and Disney Event Arena can that host up to 1000 persons. Décor in each of these venues can be customized just the way the couple would like, whether you’re looking for a Beauty and the Beast theme, Lion King inspired décor or a Wonderland just like Alice’s, the possibilities are endless!

Disneyland Paris

4. Food is such a big part of Indian weddings. Is there a way to allow hosts to bring in Indian caterers?
Of course! We understand that food, especially Indian food, is an integral part of Indian weddings and that a lot of families have their trusted chefs who, there is no way, they would change. So yes, you’re free to bring in your own special caterers. Not only that, besides the vegetables and spices that are exclusive to India, we are happy to help the caterers source the ingredients they require from the markets here. We are also in talks with a couple of Indian restaurants in the UK so we can bring authentic Indian cuisine to those families who would like us to take care of that aspect of the wedding.

5. Is Disneyland® Paris open to collaborating with wedding planners and decorators, or must couples choose only in-house planning and décor teams?
There are so many amazing things that are unique to India, right from generations-old traditions to latest popular Bollywood entertainment. These are things that Indian wedding planners have a deeper understanding of because of experience and tenure in the Indian wedding industry. We have no reservations about working with planners whose work couples like. Our ultimate goal is to create a stellar wedding with an unmistakable Disney touch – so we’ll try and find the best possible balance when working with both wedding planners and decorators the couples want us to collaborate with.

Disneyland Paris

6. Besides the photo session on the day of the wedding, pre-wedding photo-shoots too have become a norm. Tell us about Disneyland® Paris as a canvas for these…
Disneyland® Paris is a place of magic and wonder, with no dearth of incredible backdrops to choose from. While the two most popular spots are the carousel and the area in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, couples can be as creative as they like with the space. The only thing to keep in mind is that the park doesn’t permit photo-shoots and brides in their wedding gowns during the hours when the park is open to the public. So all photo-shoots will be planned for before or after normal park operating hours.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

7. Do shoots in the Disneyland® Park need prior permission? If yes, does the wedding planning team take care of it for couples who have booked a wedding with Disneyland® Paris?
Yes, we do take care of the required permissions for couples getting married at Disneyland® Paris .

8. For most people, Disney is magic. What are uniquely magical experiences that couples can expect on their wedding day?
Well, if you’re getting married at Disneyland® Paris, the magic begins before you leave your country!
We can plan a pre-wedding party where we send a hologram message from the Fairy Godmother telling the guests that they are invited to the wedding. A flight for your wedding guests can be booked and the interiors decorated as per the wedding theme. Once they arrive, a Disney bus brings them to the venue where they are greeted by Disney characters. The bride and the groom arrive like a prince and princess and are treated like royalty throughout their stay with us. A lot of times couples privatize the entire hotel which makes it easier for us to customize the whole property as per their preference.

On the day of the wedding, a carriage brings them to the castle with music playing in the background. Royal guards welcome the two, trumpets blow and the announcement of their arrival is made. A rich red carpet is rolled out and a floral arch is set up through which they walk and see all their guests eagerly waiting for them. At Disney, it is about making dreams come true and I am called Fairy Godmother because all you need to do is tell me your wish and rest assured that our team will give you a day that will make you feel like you are in a storybook.

9. What do guests love about attending a wedding there?
It’s definitely the very special feeling of being present when the park is empty. When they come as tourists, there are so many people around and the experience does not feel as personal. However, being alone in the park after hours is something else. At that time, whatever is in the park, it is just for them. It is a privilege and is packed with deep emotion.

Disneyland Paris

10. What are the accommodation options for guests at Disneyland® Paris?
We have three hotels for couples to choose from for their guests.

  • Disneyland Hotel which has an inventory of 496 rooms and 21 Suites
  • Newport Bay Club with 1093 rooms
  • New York Hotel with 565 rooms

Disneyland Paris

To plan your fairytale wedding at Disneyland Paris, click here

You can also reach out to your dedicated Fairy Godmother at 33(0) or dlp.weddings@disney.com


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