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Our Favorite Candid Moments from WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019

The inaugural WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019, which was held recently at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai, included plenty of exciting moments that took place off-stage. We did not want these to fall off the radar so we compiled some noteworthy ones. Relive the excitement below!

Giggle Girls

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019This moment of Adhuna Bhabani and Avan Contractor sharing a laugh after winning an award is priceless. We’re just B(eing)Blunt!

Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret?

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019It doesn’t look like Vithika Agarwal of Divya Vithika Wedding Planners is singing this popular song by The Beetles. However, we will never know for sure because her co-founder Divya Chauhan promised not to tell (doo-dah-doo).

She’s Happy and She Shows It!

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019It’s a sign for peace, it’s a sign suggesting two minutes, it’s a sign indicating victory! And Kajol R Paswwan isn’t afraid to use it after winning multiple awards!

The Selfi(l)es

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019
WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019
WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019
WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019

Selfies bring the world together. Don’t believe us? The sheer number of guests at the WeddingSutra Beauty Awards huddling together to fit in a single frame should make for a strong argument for turning them into substitutes for international peace treaties!

Getting Senti-Menteel

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019Namrata Soni had the pleasure of receiving an award from her mentor Coleen Khan. While she reminisced about the role Coleen has played her success, her guru couldn’t suppress the proud smiles her mentee’s victory brought to her.

Say Cheese? Yes Please!

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019The sweet taste of success had Sejal Sachnakul grinning for the shutterbugs and her infectious smile had everyone around her flashing their pearly whites too.

Don’t Keep Calm Because Party Mode Is On

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019This photo of Divya Chadha is basically all of us walking into the weekend! But to be fair to the Founder/Director of A Klass Apart, the first-ever WeddingSutra Beauty Awards on a Monday was no less exciting.

Watching and Learning

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019Jehangir Readymoney of Afreen Wedding Services needs no lessons when it comes crafting the perfect celebrations, but when it comes to relishing a swig of wine, it seems he’s found a coach in Kadambari Lakhani.

The Hits: (Mister) and Misses of the night

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019Ojas Rajani created an endearing moment when she called upon stage her mentors Cory Walia and Kanta Motwani to express her gratitude to them after she received an award.

Back With A Bang

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019
WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019

Here are two back-to-back photos of Sushil Wadhwa of Platinum World Grroup posing… well… back to back with Mahesh Shirodkar of Tamarind Global and Birju Gariba of Platinum world Grroup.

Mona Lisa Smile

WeddingSutra Beauty Awards 2019If only we could read Kumar Iyer‘s mind! His smile sure does suggest that he knows something we don’t.

While there was no dearth of memorable moments at the gala, there was also a lot of excitement behind the scenes. Here a few snippets of singer and presenter Manasi Scott and celebrity stylist Aastha Sharma as they got ready for the night.

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