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Our Favorite ‘Love Without Borders’ Moments of 2019

Many stories that we feature on WeddingSutra has featured many stories about couples falling in love, connections
fostered by families in arranged marriage settings, and families rejoicing when a man and a woman get married with everyone’s blessings. However, for couples from LGBTQ communities across the world, the path of love rarely runs as smooth. What is inspiring is how these couples overcome social and cultural hurdles and go on to craft a happy future together despite all odds. Here, we are casting a spotlight on some ‘Love Without Borders’ stories and revisiting how these featured couples give a new definition to the term ‘true love.’

1. Pride and No Prejudice

It was love at first sight for Sanjay and Doug at the 2009 Manchester Pride, followed by a decade-long relationship. They say love conquers all, and in their case, it trumped over the myriad hurdles of a long-distance relationship. The two had a court marriage in London and then flew to Chania, Greece, where their wedding celebrations went on for a week and included a rocking sangeet and a joint bachelor party.

Love Without Borders: Sanjay and Doug
Love Without Borders: Sanjay and Doug

2. All You Need is Love

Having gone through the motions of coming out to their family and friends, Jai and Milan faced their fear of what people would say and how it would impact their families. However, things settled down over time, and the duo walked down the aisle on The Beatles’ classic number, ‘All you need is love,’ with their loved ones standing steadfastly to cheer them on.

Love Without BordersPhoto Courtesy: Nick Rose Photography

3. Romance at Their Fingertips

Colin and Andrew experienced joy thanks to their similarities and had the courage to power through their differences. The duo, who live in Chicago, met for the first time on a dating app. It didn’t take them long before things started heading in the right direction. They combined several cultures as part of their two-day wedding celebrations which was full of heartwarming moments.

Love Without BordersPhotos Courtesy: Ricardo Quintana Photography

4. One Date at a Time

Bianca and Saima met at a spoken word performance and instantly felt a connection. After facing numerous challenges together, the couple tied the knot and beautifully incorporating facets of their Christian and Muslim cultures into their wedding ceremonies. They both genuinely feel blessed to have found each other.

Love Without BordersPhoto Courtesy: Senna Ahmad

5. Step by Step

Three years ago when Aditya and Amit met for the first time, they felt an instant connection with one another. And one date was all it took for them to realize that their relationship was worth pursuing. Fast forward to July 2019, and the couple announced their wedding on Instagram. The couple ensured that their vibrant wedding was full of personal and heartfelt moments.

Love Without BordersPhoto Courtesy: Charmi Patel Peña (Wedding)

6. Swiping Up a Soulmate

Abhay and Suman matched on a dating app and decided to text each other, little knowing that the conversation would end up in a seven-hour date. The first few months were all about figuring out their differences and negotiating the rocky terrain of a relationship, but slowly, they began to involve each other in their respective lives and the rest, as they say, is history.

Love Without BordersPhoto Courtesy: The Photo Diary

7. The Art of Passion

Mekhala and Tatum‘s wedding in the US was an intimate affair, resplendent with love and joy. They met for the first time at a liberal arts college in Virginia, US, and took time to realize that they were both in love until after they graduated. As time passed, their bond grew stronger and the two, despite facing all the challenges, tied the knot at a ceremony that celebrated their diverse cultural backgrounds.

Love Without BordersPhoto Courtesy: Erica Camille Photography

8. Grand & Gorgeous

The wedding photographs of Bollywood buff, Keval with his partner Andrew, captioned with lyrics from Bollywood songs, was shared on his Instagram, and everyone loved them. Keval had always dreamt of having a big, gay, desi wedding surrounded by his loved ones. He shared that he could not have been more grateful as his wedding would remain one of the most cherished days of his life.

Love Without Borders

9. Lavish in Love

It was a party full of splendor, high spirits, and immense support when hotelier Keshav Suri, of The Lalit Hotels group, wed his longtime partner, Cyril Feuillebois, in Goa after the abolishment of a regressive anti-homosexual law in India. The couple met for the first time at a party at the 24/7 Bar at The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi, and little did they know that they would find their soulmates in each other.

Love Without Borders

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