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“Follow your timeline and Wedding Planning will be stress free”

Former model & Blogger Jovita Thomas writes about her Wedding in Kerala.

Ruben and I are Instrumentation engineers, and we met in college. We fell in love after being freed of the hectic college life and decided to tie the knot 3 years later. We live in Kuwait, I keep myself busy with my fashion & lifestyle (taintedfingers.blogspot.com) and beauty blog (www.youtube.com/mrjovitageorge). Ruben works at a timber trading company.

Destination Cochin
We are both Malayalis so we wanted to get married in Kerala and we chose Cochin because of its accessibility from different cities in Kerala where our extended families live. The wedding was a very traditional Christian wedding. We started planning about 9 months before the wedding. The venue, the theme, the food, the photographer (the great Joshua Komanapalli), the gown and the wedding planner were all confirmed and booked a few months before the wedding. We tried to mix the traditions that our parents wanted to include and the dash of craziness that we wanted to have at our wedding. What I’ve learned is that following your timeline is THE most important thing in keeping a wedding stress free and successful.

Pre and Post Wedding Shoots
After the engagement function, we went with Joshua’s assistant to Bolgatty Palace, Cochin for the Pre-Wedding shoot. It was a very relaxed, fun shoot. The photographer, very much part of the fun, just kept clicking away to glory. The results- GLORIOUS!

After the wedding, both of us and our family set out to Alleppey (the backwaters of Kerala, and my native place) at the break of dawn. We ordered some scrumptious Kerala delicacies and toddy (the specialty of the backwaters) and left our family to enjoy the breeze, water, food and the view while we changed into our wedding clothes for the photo shoot on another boat. A few random clicks, and we were out of the ‘costumes’ and back to enjoying the boat ride. Being a former model, I am used to posing and posing endlessly for hours. I was taken aback by Joshua’s refreshing style of photography. There was no ‘Let’s see if this will look good shot.’ We were just so comfortable, and were having so much fun, there was no need for a check or a review. We called the delicious day a wrap, and the results are for you to see

Photographs Courtesy
Josh Komanapalli

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