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Former First Daughters Fairy Tale Wedding

Tomorrow is Chelsea Clinton’s wedding day. The only child of Hillary and Bill Clinton weds investment banker Marc Mezvinsky who she met at Stanford. The US media has been speculating at length, about what could be the ingredients of the wedding at Rhinebeck, a small town near New York. Speculate they have to, as all details on the wedding are ‘top secret’—all the vendors have signed Non Disclosure Agreements, and there’s huge security around the possible wedding venue ‘Astor Courts’, a French-style private mansion. The guest-list totals 400, but the happiest people are Rhinebecks residents and its traders as every business in Rhinebeck has been engaged in some way or another– flowers, chocolates, dinner reservations. A US newspaper says it’s a Fairy Tale Wedding staged for an American Princess which will leave every nuptial since that of Lady Diana a bit downscale and tawdry. New York Times has referred to it as the Social Event of the Year. Then there are the big questions. Will the wedding actually take place at Astor Courts or at some other secret destination? Will Chelsea wear a Vera Wang or an Oscar de la Renta gown?

A delightful portrait of the bride and her mother by the Vietnamese artist Dao Trong Cuong, presented during Hillary Clinton’s visit to Hanoi last week.

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