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Forum and Purab’s Save the Date Film: Sunshine On A Rainy Day

When Forum and Purab were thinking of their ‘Save the Date’ film they got in touch with Natasha Samant of The Storyteller. Their brief to her was simple: ‘create something that is anything but ordinary’. Natasha used as inspiration the magical and whimsical things that have always captivated her. “I wanted to create something that is a blend of real life and fantasy. And what better way to do so than with a couple in love! We all had a blast at the shoot at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. By the time we got done, Forum and Purab had twirled so many times they could barely walk straight! Its always nice to have a couple who trust your vision, are extremely co-operative and share their own ideas to make it a collaborative process.”

Watch this Save the Date film featuring close to 300 images and delightful little illustrations to find out why we love it!

Photography- The Storyteller (Natasha Samant)
Music- Gold Rays by The Vinyl Pinups

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