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Four Tips to look Hot this Winter

The party season is on, and everyone’s getting ready to make heads turn! Rod Anker, Creative Director of kimrobinson salon shares some simple style tips.

Tip 1– Shampoo and condition the day before you go out, not on the day you’re going out. Your hair will sit better, stay in place longer and not be as slippery. If you want movement, try braiding it with a little product, it will create some movement once it is dry.

Tip 2– Many people ask me what they can do for their hair in winter because the season tends to dry hair. Whenever you shampoo, make sure you also condition (if you open the cuticle you must close it too). Adding a leave-in moisturizer in a mist form is great as it will not weigh down the hair. A graphite comb is the best for not creating or adding to the electrical static you have. Comb your hair when in the shower with conditioner in it and then besides styling it don’t comb it again until your next shampoo.

Tip 3– In 2011 take baby steps towards the change you want to see. Add one small change at a time to make it different (that doesn’t mean you need to get bold). Every time you add to your hair something new that is not the “norm” it will lift you up and give you that extra confidence.

Tip 4– So you had your hair blow-set several days ago and now it is looking a little flat and lifeless? Do not stress! Get your products out, put your head upside down, lightly spray with hair spray the underneath making sure to get the ends also. With the hairdryer in your hand blast your hair from the floor upwards, add a little more spray and continue. After you have done it two times flip your head back and personalize the look. You will be pleasantly surprised to see so much more bounce in your hair!

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