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From savoring traditional South Indian cuisine to cruising on the serene backwaters, this couple’s holiday in Kerala was an unforgettable experience!

Sheltered by clear blue skies and punctuated by the gentle sound of crashing waves, Akanksha Sharma and Sandeep Kumar Rajput’s holiday in Kerala was a rejuvenating experience where they both kicked back and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Enchanted by the beauty they witnessed at every turn, their holiday was a treat for the senses as they ambled around and explored a destination aptly named ‘God’s Own Country’.
Here’s a quick look at their adventures.

Akanksha and Sandeep
Akanksha and Sandeep

How They met
Akanksha and Sandeep were first introduced to each other via a common friend who played cupid. After a series of meetings, they both knew that there was something special brewing between them.

Holiday Planning
For Akanksha and Sandeep, Kerala was the first choice when it came to planning a holiday. Akanksha shares, “We just couldn’t resist paying Kerala a visit, and it’s true when they say that it really is God’s Own Country. The natural beauty of the destination and impeccable hospitality it offers is unparalleled. From the first day of the trip itself, we were taken aback at how blissful we felt!”

Holiday Highlights
Recollecting some of the most memorable parts of their holiday, Akanksha shares, “Our first stop was at Cochin where we stayed at the luxurious Trident Hotel. While there, we enjoyed delicious South Indian cuisine and explored the majestic Fort Kochi. Next, we moved on to Varkala where we both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly as we drank in the views from the South Cliff, played on the beach, and witnessed dramatic sunsets that swept us off our feet! We also explored the Kumarakom backwaters perched on a houseboat. It was adventurous, romantic and yet serene as we feasted our eyes on the lush greenery and swayed to the gentle waves of the backwaters.”

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

Akanksha and Sandeep
Akanksha and Sandeep

Honeymoon/Holiday in The Maldives

Akanksha and Sandeep
Akanksha and Sandeep
Akanksha and Sandeep
Akanksha and Sandeep
Akanksha and Sandeep
Akanksha and Sandeep

Best Meal of The Trip
“Honestly, I cannot pick a favorite meal since all the meals we had in Kerala were absolutely delicious! We savored some phenomenal Malayali dishes at our hotels that energized us throughout the day.” shares Akanksha.

Most romantic moment
“At Kerala, romance can be found at every turn! But the most romantic moment for us was the enchanting candlelight dinner that the hotel staff very graciously organized for us. As we sat there under the dark sky and indulged ourselves with delectable treats, the magic in the air was palpable.” recollects Akanksha.

“In my opinion, Varkala for its breathtaking beauty should feature on everyone’s list when they’re visiting Kerala. This place offers some amazing views and pristine golden beaches where you can lounge and relax all day.” shares Akanksha.

“My only suggestion would be to avoid booking a cab for moving around inland. Instead, rent a car so that you can enjoy the destination at your own pace.” suggests Akanksha.

Hotels We Stayed At

Trident Hotel Cochin
Nebo hotel, Varkala

Enjoy a romantic getaway in Kerala. To start planning click here.


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