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George Clooney asks Amul Alamuddin to marry him with a Platinum ring

International Lawyer and Scholar Amal Alamuddin and actor George Clooney are engaged. Clooney got down on one knee to propose to Alamuddin with a stunning platinum ring on April 22.

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Jewellery expert Michael O’Connor comments on the reported platinum engagement ring. “It seems that George has found pure love. This platinum engagement ring is symbolic of purity in its design, setting and diamond. The design is classic with ethically mined diamonds with a larger center (approximately 7 carats) flanked by tow tapered baguette diamonds.


Naturally white platinum holds the diamonds securely and platinum is primarily used at 95% purity which makes it one of the most pure jewellery metals. The emerald cut diamond, as well as the tapered baguette side diamonds, are cut with fewer facets than most other cuts and shapes, which sparkles with more pure white light than other cuts. The value for a ring of this purity and quality is approximately $500,000.”

George Clooney Ring

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