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Get wedding ready hair with Matrix India Hair Color

A wedding calls for celebrations and a gorgeous new hair color is what you need to add grandeur and complete your overall look on your D-day. Just like you would ensure that your make-up is spot-on on the day of your wedding, hair color is also integral to completing your look. While make-up helps to accentuate your best facial features, hair color is the medium through which your hair becomes the best it can be. Whether you’re looking for a dash of color or highlighting your natural hues, Matrix India’s ‘Destination Brides’ hair color collection is just what you need to get perfect hair color for your picture-perfect day.

We share some easy to follow hair color guidelines that will ensure a gorgeous mane and a gorgeous you on your special day!

Research a Look
It is instrumental that you seek the professional advice of a skilled stylist and colorist who’ll help you pick the best look most suitable for you. It always helps if you are certain about the look that you’re aiming to get. Create your own look-book by researching trends and saving your favorite celebrity photographs. Browsing through the ‘Destination Brides’ color collection and its three different looks could be good starting point.

Pick the right shade
Now that you have the look, your next step is choosing the perfect color to match your personality. Always involve your stylists as they are the best people to guide you on your color journey. The stylist will suggest the right shade palette depending on your personal style, the look that you have shortlisted, your clothes, the kind of wedding you’re having and the perfect coloring technique to accentuate your best facial features. For instance, if you are having an ornate wedding inspired by royalty, shades from Matrix India’s SoColor’s gold palette would make you look every bit of a Maharani bride. For those dainty, dreamy brides looking to have ethereal garden wedding, shades from the Red palette would complement the exquisite floral arrangements at the wedding. Different hues from the plum family would work well for a Boho bride at her beach wedding.

Matrix India Hair Color

The location of the wedding should be taken into consideration as well when choosing the right hair color. Again, we insist that you take prior appointments with your hair stylist/colorist on deciding the best hair color and corresponding looks that would work perfectly as per the location and the overall look of your wedding.

Choose the right time
Perfect timing! That’s what you want to make sure your hair is absolutely peaking on your big day. Most stylists agree that a week to 10 days before the wedding is perfect to ensure that the color is settled in but still looks fresh and vibrant. This becomes more important, if you’re covering greys. You definitely should get your hair colored only a week before the wedding. Any longer and the greys from your roots will begin to show.

The after color hair care
There are some tips about maintaining a rich and long-lasting hue. Stylists recommend taking care of your colored hair by avoiding the harmful rays of the sun during peak afternoon hours and maintaining it with a good post-coloration care regimen. It is advisable to have a relaxing session of the Intensive Conditioning ColorLast Biospa service between the coloring service and the wedding. After getting the hair color that you’ve always wanted, make sure you style your hair with Matrix India’s Style Link products. The products include a Smooth Setter Crème, Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray, Style Fixer Hair Spray, Volume Builder Mousse, Super Fixer Strong Hold Gel and Matte Definer Beach Clay, all being your go-to products to help beautifully style your hair on the D-Day. These will not only help you keep your look in place for hours, but also protect your hair when you’re getting it styled on your big day.

Matrix India Hair Color

Matrix India Hair Color

Before we sign off, here’s a slideshow of real brides who rocked colored hair #likeaboss at their wedding.

Matrix India Hair Color

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