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Gift a legacy of luxurious taste

Nordic Kandie is a premium brand of luxurious gourmet marzipan created by Estonian expatriate, Ms Thea Tammeleht.

The secret family recipe dates back to the 15th century and has been handed down through the generations, inherited now by Thea who christened the indulgences, Nordic Kandie. The candy is hand rolled, made from hand-picked Mamra almonds from Iran and coated in the finest Belgian chocolate.

Gold Kandies

Packaged in luscious blue satin, the box makes an ideal invitation gift for uber luxe weddings with a desire for graciousness. Choose from sixteen different flavours including almond, cinnamon, raspberry lemon and mint.

Nordic Kandie

A 100% vegetarian, gluten free and cholesterol free treat, it will thrill your guests and are guaranteed to make an incredible impression on the recipients whether at a wedding or during the festival season.


Nordic Kandie also customizes marzipan pops for special occasions. For example, artistically designed pops can be a giveaway for guests attending the Mehndi/Sangeet ceremony.

Made with love and crafted with precision, Nordic Kandie spells pure taste and soul.

Silver Kandies

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