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The Gorgeous Landscapes of Oman Extend Their Beauty To Nidhi and Kinish’s Candid Pre Wedding Trailer

Nidhi and Kinish’s pre-wedding trailer shot by WeddingSutra Favorite Knotting Bells explores the jewel of the Middle East, the Sultanate of Oman.

The country’s most prominent site of pilgrimage, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque stands against the twilight sky in the opening shots of this film. Then we meet the couple as they walk hand in hand, leading to a montage of visuals that reveal the love and chemistry the duo share.

Reveling in every facet of the landscape, the camera captures the rocky mountains, zooms out to expose the arid desert and follows foot trails in the golden sand as it stitches together clips to create magic on screen. “We had the Wahiba Sands for their cinematic appeal, a yacht for the chic look, Wadi Shab for the beautiful arid terrain and the mosque to capture a poignant mood,” says Nidhi.

The video is rich with a diverse color palette including bright pinks and golden yellows as well as cool blues and soothing greens. Knotting Bells have created another captivating video and Nidhi is effusive in her praise, “Working with Shrey and Rajesh was a privilege and they truly made our experience even better.”

All we can say is that this beautiful pre-wedding video left us with much anticipation for the duo’s wedding trailer!

Videography – Knotting Bells, Mumbai

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