A Gorgeous Pre wedding Shoot at Paris, the True La Ville De L’amour!

Planning a pre wedding shoot abroad is a great but challenging choice as many factors have to be considered such as weather conditions and time constraints.

See how Deep and Surbhi and the photography team of WeddingSutra Favourite – Priyam Parikh Pictures managed to pull off a smooth shoot in Paris and come back with stunning pictures and memories of the trip.

Deep and Surbhi's Pre wedding Shoot

How We Met

“I work as an architect, and Surbhi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation and Multimedia. Our story began with us being friends in college. We always had a special place for each other in our hearts, and Surbhi often helped me with my work despite being a junior!”

Deep and Surbhi's Pre wedding Shoot
Deep and Surbhi's Pre wedding Shoot
Deep and Surbhi's Pre wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding Shoot

“Our preparations for the shoot began with us first finalizing the location. We zeroed in on Paris, the ‘City of Love.’ Next in line was choosing a few stunning backdrops and panoramas from the myriad options the city has to offer. Of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower had to be a part of it, but we also loved the romantically lit setting of the Louvre Pyramid! The shoot was exciting but also stressful as the shortage of time we had, and the uncertain weather conditions posed challenges. To ensure a smooth experience, we practiced different postures that would save us some time. Our choice of photographer was perfect as working with Priyam Parikh Pictures was great! The passionate team had a quick and creative solution for all our requirements and challenges faced during the shoot. Both Surbhi and I came back with cherished memories and some awesome pictures! We are getting married on December 13, 2018, and words can’t express the excitement and eagerness that we feel as our big day draws closer.”

Deep and Surbhi's Pre wedding Shoot
Deep and Surbhi's Pre wedding Shoot
Deep and Surbhi's Pre wedding Shoot

PhotographyPriyam Parikh Pictures

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