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Guest Celebrity Blogger– Poonam Soni

Ace Jewellery Designer Poonam Soni blogs about what makes WeddingSutra special and unique.

Quality and exclusivity is what our brand shares in common with WeddingSutra.com . When I first met Madhulika Mathur and Parthip Thyagarajan, the founders of WeddingSutra, twelve years ago, just before they launched, they came across as very endearing and enterprising with the seething desire to turn their dreams into reality. And that’s what they have been doing very successfully over the last twelve years.

When you are a medium-sized brand trying to expand, the only way to do it cost-effectively is through the internet. WeddingSutra was amongst the first lifestyle brands to realize the power of the internet and use it to the maximum potential. For me, Wedding Sutra is a very personalized concept that gives you an excellent view into the world of weddings—across communities, lifestyle-groups and cities. Of course, they realised right in the beginning, that a huge number of internet users, across ages, are only too eager to see Celebrity Wedding pictures. Little wonder, their sections ‘Celebrity Brides’ and ‘Celebrity Weddings’ get the highest traffic. And then many to-be-brides are keen to know what other brides wore, which is why the Real Weddings section is equally popular.

Weddings are one occasion that brings families together. And with Wedding Sutra, even the boundaries do not exist. They bring together people from different walks of life who are excited to read and know more about the special celebration—Weddings. This mass appeal combined with their exclusive photographs is what makes WeddingSutra unique and special.

My message to Madhulika Mathur and Parthip Thyagarajan- keep dreaming and keep realizing your dreams.

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