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Happy Father’s Day – Our Favorite Father-Daughter Wedding Moments

Just in time for Father’s Day, here are our absolute favorite Father-focused wedding pictures that will steal your heart!

The moment when the groom takes the first look of his bride before the ceremony has become a must-do photo op, however, the father-daughter first look always melts everyone’s heart. After all, every father is a hero – a rock and a foundation, and to witness them shed a tearful moment before their daughter’s wedding or during the ceremony is priceless! So, just in time for Father’s Day, here’s our favorite Father-daughter wedding pictures, simply because we love our dads too.

1. This dad, who knows how to make his daughter smile
The best thing about your dad is that he knows how to cut the tension and make you feel loved, every time.

WhatKnotPicture Courtesy: WhatKnot

2. This father, who knows that sometimes the littlest actions can be comforting
A comforting touch as you tie the knot might be all you need to calm your nerves.

Twogether StudiosPicture Courtesy: Twogether Studios

3. This father-daughter duo, who are sharing a special moment together
This father and daughter shared an emotional moment on the wedding day, and it was all captured on camera. The candid moments with your loved ones are always the best photos.

Abhay Sawant PhotographyPicture Courtesy: Abhay Sawant Photography

4.This touching father-daughter wedding dance
A father daughter dance is a sweet and meaningful way to thank the first man in your life, your dad. These two are absolutely beaming at each other, they’re so excited for the wedding day. We love it!

House on the CloudsPicture Courtesy: House on the Clouds

5. This dad who can’t hold back his tears
We absolutely love to see the softer side of dads and this picture is the ultimate emotional father moment.

Reflexion by Nishchay ShindePicture Courtesy: Reflexion by Nishchay Shinde

6. This father, who is playing it cool during the ceremony
Even though he might be calm on the outside, this father might just be trying hard to hold back tears and keep it together while his daughter comforts him.

Two Knotty PhotographersPicture Courtesy: Two Knotty Photographers

7. This dad who is showering love on his beautiful daughter
What a beautiful moment for this father of the bride as he plants a kiss on her forehead. After all, every bride needs a warm hug and a kiss from her dad just before she begins a new journey.

Happy FlashbacksPicture Courtesy: Happy Flashbacks

8. This dad who is full of love as he gives his daughter a warm hug
A perfect way to show the daughter how much he loves her as the father of the bride takes a moment and holds on to her.

The StorytellerPicture Courtesy: The Storyteller

9. This father caught in a split second of tender emotions
We love this picture of the father caught in the moment of emotions during his daughter’s bidaai. Nothing brings on the waterworks like an emotional dad!

A9rag PhotographyPicture Courtesy: A9rag Photography

10. This loving father sharing a moment of love with his daughter
Is this not one of the cutest photo ops ever? Witnessing the pure love that this father-daughter duo share captured in a picture like this is priceless.

Kartik BhagatPicture Courtesy: Dream Diaries

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