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Hiral and Hansil, Thailand

Ten years into dating Hiral, Hansil decided it was time to pop the question and maybe marriages are made in heaven – but some proposals happen under the sea!

The couple had planned a trip to Koh Tao to get their PADI certifications for open water diving. Koh Tao itself is a stunning mix of shallow reefs, clear waters and gorgeous coral gardens. There is a wonderful diversity of hard and soft corals and schools of jeweled tropical fish.

The video plunges into the depths of the Gulf of Thailand along with Hansil and Hiral whose multiple thumbs-up to camera indicate something pretty cool is about to happen. As the fish swim and the corals undulate, beyond the vibrant reef, unable to put his question into words, Hansil pulls out a placard asking Hiral to spend the rest of her life with him. The diving gear masks her face but her emotions are clear – Hiral is thrilled! And she doesn’t wait a second before she holds out her hand so he can slip a dazzling solitaire on her finger.

“Hansil planned and executed the most epic proposal! We travelled to Thailand to earn our PADI certification as open water divers. At a depth of 18m, surrounded by the vast stunning marine life of Koh Tao, he proposed to me on our 5th dive. Lost for words, I was surprised and shocked to the point I don’t remember anything else in the dive after that!” says Hiral.

Shell Fish Productions skillfully intertwined visuals of the couple with some of the stars of the underwater kingdom; an explosion of colors and rich marine life, the film brings to the screen the gorgeous world that opened up the doors to an all-new beginning for this lovely duo.

Videography: Shell Fish Productions

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