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Hitali and Jay’s Platinum Love Story

Hitali and Jay’s Platinum Love Story

Dr. Hitali Majethia and Jay Thakkar first crossed paths in school but it was only in college that they transitioned from being mere acquaintances to the best of friends. Introduced by their mutual friends, they forged a strong friendship that blossomed into love after college. Hitali shares, “We knew each other in passing at school as Jay was a year senior to me. Later on, in college, our mutual friends introduced us during one of the Garba nights. From then on, we just hit it off as we studied, commuted, and hung out together regularly.” Jay adds, “We felt an affinity for each other even when we were friends in college but the true intensity of those feelings came forth when Hitali moved across the city for her residency program. Both of us missed each other terribly, so we somehow made sure to carve time out for each other at least once a week. Both our workplaces were at different ends of the city, so I used to drive for almost two hours and sometimes wait for another hour outside the hospital if she was in the operation theatre just to meet her for ten minutes!”

Serving at the medical frontline as the Covid19 pandemic spread across the nation, last year has been tough for Dr. Hitali as she’s firsthand witnessed the effect it’s had on people’s lives. Physically as well as emotionally draining, the journey took its toll on her as she faced hopelessness and doubts while navigating through dangers & difficult decisions at the hospital. But with Jay by her side supporting, motivating, and cheering her on at every step of the way, her will was strengthened. Hitali shares, “Being a surgeon I’ve never seen the world through rose-colored glasses as I’ve dealt with many emergency cases. But the pandemic we’re facing right now has been unstoppable and working on the frontline gave me a crushing sense of hopelessness. The emotions of dealing with the trauma and stress of the many patients we cared for were enormous. During this difficult period, Jay was my unflinching anchor as he motivated me and took care of the smallest of things so that I could concentrate on doing my duty and self-care.”

Hitali and Jay’s Platinum Love Story

“During the first wave, I also got exposed to the virus, so I had to be quarantined at home. And, being isolated in the room would bring my spirits down. Knowing how lonely I felt, Jay would stand for hours outside my door or video call me to keep me company. He would reassure me and share funny anecdotes of the day just to make me feel better. As the first wave gathered speed, even my family wasn’t left unscathed as they too were infected. Needless to say, I was extremely worried about my family’s health but Jay took over all the responsibilities, be it delivering food or medicines. He would tell me – Don’t worry about anything, I’ll take care of it. You just concentrate on your work and health.”

“Even though he’d just started his own venture at the time, he never made me feel that he’s too busy when I needed some cheering up. Sometimes, he even put his own work on pause to attend to my family’s needs when I wasn’t there. Whenever I needed him, he was there helping me, encouraging me, and motivating me. He was extremely selfless and my constant source of strength during such a crucial time in my life.”

Unflappable on the surface yet anxious underneath, Jay, too, was nervous when Hitali was called in for duty. But knowing that his anxiety may escalate her apprehensions, he instead chose to be strong for her and comfort her as she tried her best to save lives. Jay shares, “I used to be filled with dread whenever Hitali would leave for work but I knew how dedicated she was to her profession and how important it was for her to go and serve her patients. So, I supported her in whatever way possible. I am unspeakably proud of her as she showed incredible courage.”

Leaning on each other as they navigate through the highs and lows of life, Hitali and Jay are each other’s pillars of strength. And, to celebrate their invincible bond, they chose Platinum Love Bands. Unmatched in its durability and crafted out of one of the strongest natural materials on the planet, Platinum Love Bands endures, just like your rare love.

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