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Honeymoon Video Safari – A beautiful keepsake

The honeymoon should never really be over but the wait for India’s first Honeymoon video is finally over! Varsha and Arjun Naidu booked their 24 days’ dream honeymoon with A Travel Duet and travelled to New Zealand. They are the first Indian honeymoon couple to have opted for a candid video shoot that captures exclusive highlights and memorable moments from their trip. Now isn’t this a beautiful keepsake from the most awaited trip of your life?

If a picture’s worth a 1000 words, then a video’s worth a million!

Here’s how the couple described this phenomenal experience-
One of the best parts of any special moments in life is when you can relive them through photos. But, Pritish from A Travel Duet, gave us something even more precious and unforgettable. They gave us the perfect honeymoon video. From capturing the beautiful tiny moments to every special surprise that Pritish gave us, he got us dream videographers and friends any honeymooner could wish for. Privacy was never an issue with these guys as they gave us enough ‘us’ time and got us to reveal a lot more about each other through the video. Can’t thank you all enough for giving us the most dreamlike honeymoon in reality!!
– Varsha and Arjun Naidu (Bangalore)

Planning your honeymoon? Excited to get your honeymoon video shot as you travel across an exotic destination, partake in thrilling adventures and cosy up over romantic escapades? Want to know more Honeymoon Video Safari? Get in touch with your nearest honeymoon crafter at A Travel Duet now!

Contact details:
To know more about the Honeymoon video safari or to book one; get in touch at: bliss@atravelduet.com
To Handcraft Honeymoons, get in touch with a Honeymoon Crafter based in your region.
Kolkata – Mr Pritish Shah / pritish@atravelduet.com  / +91 98301 65270
Delhi – Ms Divya Binani / divya@atravelduet.com  / +91 98306 21129
Mumbai – Ms Kanika Gandhi / kanika@atravelduet.com / +91 98195 49724
Ahmedabad – Ms Shimul Shroff / shimul@atravelduet.com  / +91 98251 68604
Chennai – Ms Charanya Ramesh / charanya@atravelduet.com  / +91 98410 40880
Bangalore – Ms Deepti Punjabi / deepti@atravelduet.com/  +91 87478 74000

Visit http://atravelduet.com/honeymoon-safari/ for more.

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