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How to choose your wedding entertainment? Talent Management Company shares tips and advice

Dreaming of a groovy Sangeet where the best of Bollywood artists perform for you? Or you totally crave that perfect eclectic act that sets the mood for a brunch or afternoon soiree, but with no clue on how to go about it?

Fret not, as we have all the information you need to pick the ideal wedding entertainment which is equally important if not more, as stunning decor or a multi-choice gourmet spread to make your wedding unforgettable. WeddingSutra Favorite Jignesh Shah of Talent Management Company, the industry leader in wedding entertainment, shares his expert tips on building a memorable experience for your guests.

Megha Israni and Yash Bhatia

Entertainment budget, and why it’s important

While the wedding budget is a subjective topic and differs vastly according to the couple’s requirements, and of course, the crowd they are hosting, it’s important to set aside at least 20% of your budget for just entertainment expenses. Jignesh shares, “No matter how grand your decor concepts, food and outfits are, your guests will be awed and impressed for sure. But most wedding functions span 2-3 hours at a minimum, and there’s a dire need to entertain and keep your guests engaged for the entire duration so as to make it truly memorable for them.
Checklist for choosing the ideal entertainment for your wedding

To choose the correct performers for every function, it is necessary to visualize the flow and details of your entire celebration before making any decisions.

Here are some things to keep in mind before booking any artists.

    • 1. Function theme – Aligning your artists and their style of performance with the theme of the function is important for a harmonious experience. Choosing an A-list Bollywood singer for a rustic, traditional Sufi night function would not be the right fit.


    • 2. Audience – One of the most important things to keep in mind while selecting any artists is the genre of audience they entertain. You must ensure that your guests will appreciate the kind of entertainment you are providing them. Keep in mind their age bracket, cultural background and what they may deem appropriate and enjoyable.


    • 3. Intention – Decide the kind of vibe and energy you want for the event earlier on. Whether you want people to get up and dance or simply relax and enjoy, or just have something playing in the background to set the tone.

The perfect act for every function

While there are no hard and fast rules about what to select, here is a handy guide to the possible entertainment styles you can choose from for various functions.

Unplugged, eclectic, regional artists – Welcome party, Mehndi, Haldi, any Daytime or Afternoon event.
Bollywood/A-list performers – Sangeet, Cocktail, Reception
DJs – Sangeet, Cocktail, Reception, Mehndi or any function that includes dancing.
Dancers/ other performers – Wedding, Sangeet
Poetry/ Stand Up Comedy – Intimate soirees, Daytime or Afternoon events.
Instrumental – Wedding, Reception, Cocktail.
Explore unique ideas.

Jignesh shares, “While the idea of an A-list party with a celebrity performer sure is appealing, unusual entertainment acts will make your functions one-of-a-kind and just as memorable. These remarkable artists managed by Talent Management Company made their clients’ weddings stand out with their offbeat performances.

    • 1. Customized wedding songs – Music Composer, Producer and Singer duo Rohan Gokhale and Rohan Pradhan are known for their custom wedding songs that they tailor to every couple which can be played during their entries, wedding pheras, cake-cutting and other occasions. Having your own wedding song makes it so much more special than popular songs. They can even be used in your wedding film.


    • 2. Multi-lingual artists for multicultural weddings – With more and more weddings between people from different cultures, it is great to get artists on board who can entertain your varied guest list. Singer Yashita Sharma, best known for famous songs like ‘Galiyan Goodiyan’ from Dil Dhadakne Do and ‘Chaandaniya’ from Two States, is known for her talent of being able to sing in 17-18 languages. Her dynamic performance at a recent Punjabi-Marwari wedding kept every guest on their toes and in high spirits.


    • 3. Unique, grand experiences – Step away from the usual performance flows and create offbeat themes to make your functions stand out. A stellar Red Carpet Awards Ceremony hosted by Emcee Gunjan Utreja for a wedding saw performances by acclaimed Music Directors and Singers Shaarib & Toshi, making for a very different experience that was just as enjoyable as it was unique.”

Gunjan Utreja
Emcee Gunjan Utreja

Gunjan Utreja
Singer Shaarib & Toshi

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Staying away from these simple yet common mistakes while deciding on your wedding entertainment can make the experience stress-free and ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

    • 1. Do not skip out on getting an anchor. Many people overlook this factor in favor of having a family member host their festivities, which is fine for intimate functions. But for grand revelries where you have roped in celebrity talent, the whole experience can fall apart if it is not well presented. Having an anchor helps structure your evening to make it the most enjoyable.



    • 2. Don’t exhaust your entire budget on a celebrity artist. It is important to plan some entertainment for every function to keep the whole experience fun. Getting an expensive celebrity singer or artist for one function and nothing for the rest is going to make your wedding feel tedious.



    • 3. Match the tempo of the artist with the function. Get enthusiastic performers for only those events where you want people to dance, and balance them with more laidback performances like unplugged, folk, Sufi singers for other functions so your guests can keep their energy tempo high throughout the wedding.



    • 4. The biggest artist doesn’t have to be for the Sangeet! If you plan to have many family performances, it is ideal to get a DJ for the Sangeet night and get a Bollywood singer/performer for another function like the Reception.



    • 5. Swap out an expensive top artist for 2 or more mid-level performers. Every function has a flow of energy, and most older guests retire after the first few hours leaving the younger audience who want continue to party through the night. In such cases, getting two different artists to cater to a split crowd is smarter.


Is too much entertainment a thing?

Jignesh shares, “There is no such thing as too much entertainment for a wedding. Rather, it is important to have the right entertainment at the right time and for the right audience. We once got a request for an A-list artist for a Sangeet where the couple wanted their guests to party all night. Knowing that an artist like that would only perform for a limited amount of time in the beginning, we instead suggested getting an unplugged artist, Singer Abhiruchi Singh. In the middle of the night when only the younger crowd remained, although tired but still in high spirits, her tunes kept them reveling till the morning.”

Did our tips and tricks help you choose the right wedding entertainment for you?

Tell us, what would you go for?

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