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Hyderabad gets its first blessing of everlasting love with Platinum Evara launched at Jos Alukkas

Dia Mirza and her husband Sahil Sangha seal their bond of everlasting love with Evara.

The newlywed beautiful Bollywood actress Dia Mirza was in her hometown, Hyderabad with her husband, Sahil Sangha to receive blessings of everlasting love from her mother Deepa Mirza. The couple celebrated their vows of love and the mother Deepa Mirza showered blessings on them with Platinum Evara jewellery at the Jos Alukkas store in Hyderabad. The couple also unveiled the exciting new wedding jewellery range of Evara Platinum Blessings that has been designed keeping in mind what appeals to the modern bride and groom.


A new offering in the evolving bridal jewellery market, EVARA Platinum extends into the opportunity for dual gifting for the modern bride and the groom from the parents, in-laws or from the elders in the family, who wish to bless the couple. The name EVARA is rooted in Sanskrit and stands for blessings and carries with it the platinum promise of everlasting love. Love is at the heart of every EVARA design with a ‘Platinum Bond’ that holds together multiple strands, symbolic of the coming together of two families to create a beautiful, new relationship.

Sharing the precious moment, Dia Mirza was elated to receive Platinum Blessings from her mother and said, “Platinum stays true to its promise of offering you exclusivity with unique and contemporary designs that has always enchanted me and to be blessed by mother today with Platinum EVARA makes for an unforgettable moment. The concept of EVARA is the perfect expression of the blessings of everlasting love we wish to always have with us as a couple and is rightly embodied in this beautiful platinum jewellery that we have received.”


She further added, “Our union is complete with blessings from our families and this commitment of love and respect is rightly embodied in the design form of the Platinum Bond that is present in Sahil’s chain and bracelet as well as my necklace and earring set. I feel truly blessed to receive this gift from mom and will treasure my Platinum EVARA forever.”

Sahil Sangha said, “Marriage is about two halves of the same soul joining together in life’s journey and today this gift from Dia’s Mom once again seals our commitment with a promise of eternal love. Thank you Mom, I feel blessed and overwhelmed with your love and respect with this symbolic piece from Platinum EVARA. Our bond of love is strong just like platinum and this will always be a beautiful reminder of your blessings that will always be with us.

Actress Dia Mirza with Sahil Sangha

Platinum Evara jewellery has been designed keeping in mind the design aesthetics of the modern bride and groom that it can be worn beyond the wedding occasions. Every milestone occasions ushering in love and blessings deserve to be celebrated with Platinum Evara, because blessings are always everlasting and love is central to platinum.

Price Range:
Necklace Earring Set: Starting from INR 300,000 – 500,000*
Bangles/ Bracelets: Starting from INR 125,000 – 150,000*
Men’s Chains & Bracelets: Starting from INR 125,000 – 180,000*

*Price subject to vary depending on the daily metal rate, metal weight and diamond content.

Photos courtesy- Photo Brahma

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