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Ideas for Fun & Fashionable Gifts

When Varun Vakil, the scion of a prominent business family and his fiancé Ragini Pratap were planning their Mehndi celebration, they were searching for very unique give-aways. They visited ‘Filigree’ at Lower Parel, that offers creative and personalised gifts. Filigree and Stone.Wire.Love run by Sarthak Shah and his jewellery designer wife Reema is popular among Mumbai’s well-heeled looking for colorful & personalised gifts or fun & fashionable give-aways.

Neha Seth of Var Vadhu checks out the Jewellery by Stone.Wire.Love

At Varun and Ragini’s Mehndi at Tote on the Turf, the highlight was a live jewellery counter known as the ‘Moving Jewellery Box’- a box with assorted beads, wires and components to make jewellery; a person moved with the box and designed jewellery for guests on-the-spot. “Most guests treasure something that is custom-made as per their tastes and choices, and our offering be it for accessories or jewellery fits in very well there”, explains Sarthak Shah. Adds Wedding Planner Neha Seth Arora, who planned one of Varun and Ragini’s wedding functions: “Filigree is a must-visit for those searching for unique ideas to personalise their celebrations- be it accessories with colored stones that match the wedding invite, or give-aways to suit individual color choices. Cutlery and home accessories with made-to-match colors are much sought-after too.”

Home Accessories by Filigree

Neha Seth Arora shares her favourites from Filigree and Stone.wire.love

  1. 1. German Silver Batwas
  2. 2. Personalised key chains inscribed with the guests names
  3. 3. Cheese and salad sets
  4. 4. Dressy napkin rings
  5. 5. Candle and tea light holders
  6. 6. Tray clips
  7. 7. Bar accessories
  8. 8. Cuff bracelets
  9. 9. Finger rings
  10. 10. Hair accessories

For more information contact
Filigree Home Accessories, Mathuradas Mill Compound
Cell No: +91 98206 16484

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