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Ideas for Pre-Wedding Shoots

Text By Jaspreet Soni

Experimentation, fun and romance – pre-wedding shoots give couples the perfect opportunity to let go and enjoy unlike the hectic wedding day. Showcasing 5 contemporary candid wedding photographers and their take on pre-wedding shoots.

Ranu Mistry
Ranu Mistry says, “When Payal and Jaykishan approached me for their pre-wedding shoot, I decided to make it memorable by choosing a very historic location- Pavagadh in Champaner about 45 km from Vadodara, Gujarat where the couple live. It brought a very rustic feel to the shots.”

Anshum Mandore
When Tanya and Siddanth got in touch with Anshum for their pre-wedding shoot, Kaas plateau near Pune, also known as valley of flowers, was in full bloom.  “Cliched as it may sound, the place and weather was perfect for a Bollywood romance inspired shoot”, says Anshum.

Avani and Abhinav Sah
Urvashi and Karan wanted some pictures for their wedding website. They had very clear idea that they wanted forts, palaces, gowns – a very romantic, Indian, almost filmy feel but in a sophisticated context. So they decided to get their pre-wedding shoot done by Avani and Abhinav Sah who made the pictures memorable by shooting at Jai Vilas palace, Amer Fort, Jai Mahal among other locations across Jaipur. As Urvashi says, “Weddings are magical and pre-wedding shoots make you feel special.”

Events Capture
Harry Pandya of Events Capture says, “Since India is symbolic for its farms, we decided to do the pre-wedding shoot of Prachi and Jigar at a beautiful farm on the highway of Nadiad and Ahmedabad. The farm gave a very natural look and brought to fore the classic vibe of our nation. ”

Krunal Shah
Krunal did the pre-wedding shoot of Keyur and Payal in a local garden in Ahmedabad. Krunal says, “I wanted a locale where they could be in ‘their own world’. So I asked them which place they frequented when they were dating, so they could relive those fun, beautiful moments.”

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