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Images from Prague

Athene and Sayooj planned their Honeymoon to Europe to cover Vienna, Salsburg, Austria, Prague and Czech Republic. It was their first trip to Europe and they decided to get Photographer Saneesh to take their professional photos in Prague. These beautiful images were shot in the heart of Prague, Charles Bridge (the construction of this bridge started in 1357) and the Prague Castle. Even though it was freezing, Athene was brave enough to be in Saree do the shooting early morning.

The couple while sharing their experiences talk about how Prague along with its history has a magical touch to it. “Even though there was no sunlight, Saneesh made the best use of the weather with soft lighting from the clouds. I’m so happy we did this shoot while there, we love it and they are the best memories of our holiday.”

Prague – Charles Bridge, Tram, Prague Castle
Photographs Courtesy

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