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In conversation with F5 Weddings Founder, Ajay Modgil

From creating a spectacular, theatrical welcome to conjuring aesthetically scintillating décor, F5 Weddings Founder Ajay Modgil believes that its hospitality is his company’s most powerful USP. Dedication to their guests has been what drove F5 Weddings to the top of the lists of India’s most preferred wedding planning companies.

Ajay Modgil – Founder, F5 Weddings

1. How did you get into wedding planning
Quite by accident! We have been a decade old corporate event company. It was when a colleague insisted that we design and conduct her wedding that our journey in wedding planning started. One thing has led to another and, today, we are over 100 weddings old.

2. How have Indian weddings changed over the years?
Well, from standard themes, weddings have now become more intimate and personal. Couples now take an active interest and participate in the wedding planning process. F5 Weddings has played an important role in this process: We refrain from doing the run of the mills stuff… Our wedding themes are a realization of what the couple has dreamt of… Like my team puts it aptly: Making dreams come true is a Real Job!

3. Any interesting/unique wedding themes you have done so far?
Each wedding is unique and so is our approach to them. We like to be an extension of the couple’s personality. I remember we did a large wedding at the Leela, Kovalam where half of the guests were from California and the other half were from Kerala. It was an Indian wedding and we brought in contemporary aesthetics along with the Indian to accomplish a celebration of the culture and traditions of both states. It was titled ‘Keralafonia’. The entire hotel pathway and lobby were decorated with different artists from the south of India performing their respective art forms. Imagine more than 40 folk artists welcoming and mesmerizing the guests at the entrance.

4. What are the top priorities involved while planning a wedding in India?
We customize and strive to make each wedding visually appealing but our foremost priority is hospitality and logistics. Clients hire us because they can expect us to be an extension of themselves. They want us to handle the minutiae – picking up the guests from the airport, making sure their rooms are available on time and that they are welcomed whole-heartedly and well served. These may seem like small things but they are an incredibly important aspect of a wedding. Of course, other elements like décor and entertainment are important but hospitality is crucial.

5. What has been the biggest challenge while planning a wedding?
The foundation of a successfully executed wedding is timely planning. If a client does not confirm their plans and ideas to us in time, it becomes very challenging to coordinate effectively. Every client should be fair and give their wedding planner enough time to execute a successful wedding.

6. What has been the most interesting request from clients?
We had a groom who wanted his Baraat entry to be truly magnificent. So we decided to use a theme of three elements – Air, Earth, and Water. He started on a horse, then drove in a vintage car, then took to the skies in a chopper and finally got on a speedboat and arrived at the mandap in the middle of a lake! It was a lot of fun planning it and made for some really great pictures!

7. What goes behind planning a luxury destination wedding?
We only do destination weddings and it is very important for us to get to know the couple and their families well. We don’t prefer formal meetings; instead, we choose to meet them in casual environments over coffee or drinks. You see, planning a wedding should also be fun… It’s not a corporate event after all. Once we’re clued as to what they’re thinking, we go about designing themes and adapting their ideas.

8. How do you customize each wedding? What is the process like?
Our main aim is to spend quality time with the couple and their families and get to know them well. Every girl has a dream with regards to her wedding day and we sit down with them and design ideas that suit their tastes and preferences.

9. What’s your decor style?
At F5 Weddings, we work with the venue – whether it is an intimate setting or a luxury hotel – we make sure we enhance the natural beauty of the place. From the entrance to the grand reception, we know how to mesmerize guests from the moment they enter the wedding venue.

10. Last thoughts.
All weddings, no matter how large or small, are an intimate affair. Our idea is to create wonderful memories out of those celebrations and make sure all the guests are taken care of, with utmost sincerity and honesty.

Website – www.f5weddings.com

Photo Courtesy – DotDusk, Photo Tantra, and Badal Raja and Company

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