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In Conversation With- ShutterInk Co-founder, Nitin Dangwal

Dubbed as the ‘Wedding Photographer of the year’ in 2016-17 (for the category: Friends and Family), ShutterInk‘s co-founder, Nitin Dangwal talks about capturing true emotions in a photojournalistic style and shares some beautiful memories associated with his love for wedding photography.

In Conversation With- ShutterInk Co-founder, Nitin Dangwal

1. Tell us something about your journey? What inspired you to get into wedding photography?
In 2008 my wife gifted me a DSLR and I started exploring the features of the camera. It made me see the world in a different light. In 2013, my partner Sandeep Mohan, also a dear friend, booked a wedding and I knew my place was beside him. That first wedding was the cornerstone we built ShutterInk on. Since then, we’ve covered more than 70 weddings across the country and the journey has been simply wonderful!

2. What is your style/approach of photography?
Honesty and hard work will take you farther than anything else and we live that philosophy in our business too. We are honest with ourselves and express our dedication to the craft with our work. Couples appreciate this immensely.

This attitude helps us with being unobtrusive and managing to capture real moments and true emotions with minimal intervention. With portraits however, we take charge if we have to. We like our images to be imbued with emotion and that’s what we strive for in each project.

3. What are the hottest trends in wedding and pre-wedding photography this season?
Trends are transient. Indian wedding photography is evolving and on the verge of something huge. Photographers are increasingly educated about good and bad photography and photojournalism is getting more popular. I think in the next two years, meaningful photojournalism will emerge as the next stage of Indian wedding photography.

4. Do you have a favorite among the photos you have captured or a film you have shot? Anything close to your heart and why?
Every image has a story associated with it. But I’ll pick three images:

a. Sapna and Peeyush:
Sapna and Peeyush have been in love with each other since college and it all came together at this final moment. I feel that I have been able to capture all the years of togetherness and dreams of the future in her eyes, in that one moment.

In Conversation With- ShutterInk Co-founder, Nitin Dangwal

b. Vishakha and Sanchit:
It is so simple but yet so difficult to create a “good image” out of a simple moment. The strength of this image is the mood that it conveys; everybody seems to be in a candid mood. The hand position of all the girls – most of them have their hands placed perfectly on Sanchit, applying haldi gently – conveys a familial bond. When you look at this image, you can instantly feel the connection between the family members. Also, this image earned us the ‘Wedding photographer of the year 2016’ award!

In Conversation With- ShutterInk Co-founder, Nitin Dangwal

c. Swati and Navdeep:
It always gives me pleasure when an image can capture true emotions and a familial bond. You can see Swati’s two sisters and mum in the background during her vidai and this timeless image will always remind me (and surely remind Swati as well) about the love and strong bond she shares with her family.

In Conversation With- ShutterInk Co-founder, Nitin Dangwal

5. What’s your advice to couples searching for their dream photographer?
I think as a society, we need to rise above comparing wedding photographers based on a number of albums sheets or photo edits. Images are priceless; set your priorities right. If your wedding photography budget is less than the cost of your trousseau or the decor at the events, then you need to think again. Ask yourself; is that what you really want to do? Your wedding is going to be a once in a lifetime event and you deserve great wedding photographs for yourself and for your family. Go a little further and reprioritize your budget and other chief resources for a life replete with happy memories.

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