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Increase the visibility of your pictures by 20x with Picsniff, a revolutionary AI-powered tool for professional photographers

There is a massive gap between the visibility photographers WANT and GET for their work. At any given event, hardly 5% of the attendees ever receive the amazing images that the photographer clicks. On the other side, the photographer wants to share every attendees’ images with them but there is no easy way to do so!

Thankfully, Anand Rathi, a renowned wedding photographer himself, has introduced a fabulous solution in the form of Picsniff. Picsniff alone can drive visibility of photos by 20x and get 10x more leads than any other platform out there.


Picsniff is an AI-powered image and video sharing platform that ensures pictures from any event reach all attendees. That’s not it, Picsniff is a fully loaded image hosting platform that comes with privacy protection, built-in data analysis, personalized domain names, one-click social sharing and many more tools that every photographer wishes for.

Sharing exclusive insights and the standout features in this indispensable and innovative tool, Anand Rathi, Founder of Picsniff tells us how and why this tool is perfect for wedding photographers.

How did you come up with the idea of creating Picsniff?

Although we are in 2021, we are sharing images the same way we were doing in 2011. I have lost count of how many times at weddings I’ve been asked by guests ‘How will I get my pictures?’. On the flip side, since most of our work comes via word of mouth, we want our images to reach as many people as they can. In 2019, When we were delivering Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta’s wedding photographs, this problem gained a whole new scale because we were trying to deliver 28000 edit images to over 1200 guests that had come from all over the world.


I realized that there had to be a solution for finding images of guests manually and then sending them emails. Spurred by this need, Picsniff came to life.

A wedding photographer’s job is a colossal one with a multitude of tasks. Can you tell us how Picsniff makes their job easier?

For a second, just think of wedding photography as a rock concert and assume you are the performing band. You work hard on the songs, put in months of effort perfecting them, your production team makes a stunning stage but the marketing team forgets to send out invites to the concert. So, there you are, singing some amazing songs for a handful of people in the audience!

That’s how photo-sharing is today. We as photographers put in our blood and sweat into taking pictures of the hundreds of attendees at an event but when it comes to sharing our work, we are only able to reach a handful of people. Either the images never reach the larger audience or even if they do, who has the time to go through thousands of photos? Enter Picsniff.

It’s an AI-powered image-sharing tool for professional photographers which uses cutting-edge face recognition to help the attendees of the event find their images without the guest or photographer ever having to spend a second of extra effort. This not only gets the recognition you deserve for your images but also opens up tremendous potential for marketing your business.

Picsniff ensures that each of the photographer’s clients finds their own pictures quickly. Can you tell us how this feature works?

Facial recognition and face matching are the USP of Picsniff. The photographer uploads images at the backend much like they would in any other cloud storage system. The software then generates a link and pin code that can be shared with the guests (before or after the event). The link prompts the guests to click their selfie and the software combs through all the images to spot the ones featuring the person in the selfie.

If we go the conventional way, it would takes hours to find images that too without much accuracy. However, with Picsniff it only takes a few seconds to match the image and generate the results.

What kind of insights does Picsniff offer to photographers about their clients?

Picsniff is very data driven. Photographers can not only keep track of how many users registered for the service but also see the number of images discovered, number of downloads, favoriting activity etc. For photographers who run ads on Instagram or Facebook, Picsniff also captures the name, email ID, and phone numbers of the guests. This information is available as a simple .csv format file which can be used to create custom audiences for Instagram/Facebook ads. So instead of spending thousands of rupees promoting their brand to an unknown audience, they can run ads to showcase their work to the right crowd! This can help cut down marketing budgets tremendously.


Is Picsniff live?

We are live and delivered over 1.3 Mn+ images to over 12000 guests. We have 250 photographers onboard including the likes of Badal Raja Jain, Arjun Kartha and Lakshya Chawla.


How else does Picsniff improve brand visibility for the photographer?

Imagine how amazing it would be if every attendee at a wedding gets to notice the photographer’s work and brand name during the event.


Picsniff comes with some clever features that helps achieve just that, one of them being pre-registration. Before the wedding begins, photographers can create a QR code that can be shared with all attendees to ‘pre-register’ for receiving their wedding pictures once they are edited. Throughout the registration process guests will be able to see the photographer’s name giving them the ultimate brand visibility before even delivering the first picture!

In the virtual world, security is the topmost priority. What kind of security measures does Picsniff take to ensure complete privacy?

Picsniff’s databases are encrypted with AWS S3 standards. All galleries come with password protection and we even have a ‘liveness’ feature that prevents users from hoodwinking the face recognition algorithm.


Save time and boost your business with Picsniff. To learn more click here.

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