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Introducing Honeymoon Video Safari

Your honeymoon is a trip of a lifetime, A Travel Duet, the bespoke honeymoon crafters now offer a way to treasure the priceless memories of your honeymoon with a unique honeymoon keepsake. While photographs may capture your special moments, a video captures your exciting experiences. Here’s a preview of India’s first one of a kind premium product- A honeymoon video safari!

A professional videographer documents as you luxuriate hand-in-hand across dramatic landscapes, thrilling adventures and romantic escapades. The video shoot can be a one day affair or extended upto five days. A Travel Duet offers these exclusive video safari packages in various destinations across the globe. Gift yourselves or surprise your better half with a special keepsake to cherish for a lifetime and wear a BIG smile every time you take that happy trip down honeymoon memory lane. Watch the video here

To know more about the Honeymoon video safari or to book one write to bliss@atravelduet.com

To get in touch with A Travel Duet contact

Kolkata- Sweta Maheshwary/sweta@atravelduet.com/+91 98301 84266
Delhi- Divya Binani/divya@atravelduet.com/+91 98306 21129
Mumbai- Kanika Gandhi/kanika@atravelduet.com/+91 98195 49724
Ahmedabad- Shimul Shroff/shimul@atravelduet.com/+91 98251 68604
Chennai- Charanya Ramesh/charanya@atravelduet.com/+91 98410 40880


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