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Ishita and Aaradhya’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ features engaged couples and captures beautiful moments between them. The series celebrates people in love as they start their lives together. Over a fabulous makeover and a photo shoot, we get these couples to share how they met, document the rare connection they have and talk about their day of love.

Love comes like a bolt from the blue. One day, you’re just at work, and someone comes up with an offer to help. His glance is long but shy and when you notice him, suddenly your heart starts racing. You want to tell him what’s going on in your head but you start slowly, with a casual conversation. For this couple it was the start of a beautiful co-working friendship that outlived the job itself. The best part was, they didn’t see it coming.

“I was in the HR department, Aaradhya had just joined the company. There were times when we had to interact to coordinate events and other work related things. He was working in Gujarat and I was based in Hyderabad so most of our communication was over calls or email. When he moved to Hyderabad, we continued to work together,” Ishita says.

“We kept it professional at first but slowly got to know each other better. At that time, my parents were looking for a prospective groom for me. Aaradhya and I were good friends and I would often tell him how I didn’t like the whole idea of being handed the matrimonial bio-data and asked to pick one. But I was convinced that I would settle with someone of my parents’ choice. Aaradhya’s growing emotional attachment towards me was evident; he would often talk about us being together and hoping it would work out someday but I, of course never thought it was possible.”

As it became clear that the arranged marriage set up wasn’t working, Ishita says, “It just sort of hit me. I was so close to Aaradhya and realised I should really consider this.” Aaradhya, on the other hand always knew that they were meant for each other. He says, “Our friendship blossomed into love and it was clear that it was genuine and loyal. We’ve been together for a while and it’s ironic how it all worked out perfectly. She completes me and understands me in a way no one else could.”

Ishita adds, “He allows me to be myself, gives me emotional support and makes me laugh when things get stressful. I’ve felt like I’ve known him forever from the first day I met him. He is family. But the thing that really connected both of us is our love for family and importance of being connected to those who are always going to be with you. And we found that in each other as well, which is a beautiful thing and I am excited to start our life together. The bond we share is simple, effortless and rare which is why we feel Platinum Love Bands are perfect for us,” she adds. Crafted using one of the most precious metals, it is the rarity of Platinum that is a perfect testament to their love.

Platinum BandIshita and Aaradhya decide to spend a day exploring the city’s historic monument – Taramati Baradari.

Platinum Band
Platinum Band

Ishita – Our undying love for architectural history brings us back here again.

Platinum BandIshita – Remember spending endless evenings together only for this view?

Platinum BandAaradhya – Of course I do!

Platinum BandThey took a trip down memory lane as they explored the beautiful monument.

Platinum BandReminiscing about those unforgettable romantic moments…

Platinum BandWhile Ishita was unaware of the big surprise, Aaradhya went down on one knee, platinum ring in hand and popped the question!

Platinum BandIt was a ‘YES’!

Platinum BandA magical surprise she’ll cherish forever!

Platinum Band

Platinum Band

Platinum BandSealed… for time and for all eternity!

Platinum BandRare and precious and strong and pure – this love is like platinum.

Platinum BandA forever kind of love.

As the couple lived their Platinum Day of Love, makeup artist Tamanna Rooz had them effortlessly camera ready through the day. Capturing candid moments from behind the lens, Sutra Snapperz highlighted the unique bond shared by the two. And to tie the shoot together, GRT Jewellers brought some of their stunning pieces crafted in platinum.

Hand in hand across the timeless Taramati Baradari in Hyderabad, the two enjoyed their moment of bliss, in precious here and now.

Venue: Taramati Baradari
Platinum Love Bands and Jewelry: GRT Jewellers
Makeup Artist: Tamanna Rooz
Photographer: Sutra Snapperz

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