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Janakpuri to Sainik Farms: BBB shows Big Fat Weddings in Delhi

Band Baaja Baraat (BBB) is a fun movie—for those who enjoy romantic flicks or like anything to do with shaadis. When we heard about the latest release by Yashraj Films with two Wedding Planners in the lead role we were excited, hoping they make a fun yet realistic portrayal on the life and times of people in the shaadi business. The film doesn’t disappoint. They are bang on when it comes to insights on how all families (wedding clients) behave—what they want (or don’t want to), their unreasonable demands and the big bollywood obsession. Equally interesting, are the insights on why so many youngsters want to be a part of the shaadi business—happy, childhood memories of weddings and the chance to eat yummy, delicious shaadi food.

Bittoo (Ranveer Singh) and Shruti (Anushka) are both from middle class families, and like all ambitious youngsters they have big dreams and aspirations. Fresh out of college they embark on a career in Wedding Planning. Shruti’s hard work and creative skills, and Bittoo’s sharp understanding of Dhanda (business) help the duo carve a niche. They quickly establish a name as the budget wedding planners in Janakpuri but Bittoo reminds Shruti that organising weddings in the budget of Rs 2.5 to Rs 5 lakh will take them nowhere, and they need a “high jump” to Sainik Farms. Luckily they gain a foothold in the space of big, fat weddings and they organise the Rs 2 to Rs 5 crore glitzy celebrations at farmhouses. But like life which cannot be a fun, happy celebration always, the film also makes a shift- to focus on Bittoo and Shruti’s differences and their relationship.

There is of course the filmi angle and the lead duo are projected as the super-creative, super-talented, super-efficient professionals. He has the ability to dance and entertain like Shahrukh Khan and manage clients as skilfully as Event magnate Wizcraft. She has the style sense of Manish Malhotra and the creative skills of decor queen Gurleen Puri. Together the duo create magic like India’s ace Wedding Planner Vandana Mohan—all this in a span of less than three years. The music is average and the sets and decor are just so-so. On the fashion front, we quite liked Anushka’s mix of Indian dresses- from dhinchak to rich and elegant worn in her official capacity as Wedding Planner at all the different locales.

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