Jovila Rodrigues’s bachelorette in a cozy countryside resort

Jovila’s friends whisked her away to a beautiful countryside resort in Bangalore to surprise her with a memorable bachelorette party which included a flashy disco party, funny games and a synchronized mannequin challenge!

Jovila Rodrigues’s bachelorette in a cozy countryside resort

When Jovila was planning her special bachelorette, she had envisioned a very ‘stereotypical’ idea of a perfect hen party. Luxurious locations, designer dress ups and unlimited alcohol were some of her thoughts that made for a fun ‘all girls’ get together.

But her friends had an alternative plan. They wanted an intimate party wherein Jovila could simply enjoy herself without having to worry about organizing a plush evening for them. Explains her friend Deeksha Shereen, who planned her surprise bachelorette, “We wished for an alternative bachelorette party for her as we wanted to take her away from all the wedding stress. We got in touch with Evibe- an events planner in Bangalore who suggested we book a countryside resort for the evening.”

Jovila Rodrigues’s bachelorette in a cozy countryside resort

Next up, Deeksha and her friends insisted Jovila on joining them on an overnight trip to the resort, to which she instantly agreed. The farmhouse and the room were already decorated by her friends before her arrival. When Jovila reached the venue, she was gently taken to a gown trial room and it was there that her friends broke the surprise. “She had no clue that we had planned a bachelorette party for her. We simply took her to a gown trial room which she initially resisted. Once she was there, we played the song ‘Here comes the Bride’ in full blast. We organized ourselves in a synchronized mannequin position and even wore matching ‘bridesmaids’ t-shirts to go with the theme.” She shares.

Jovila Rodrigues’s bachelorette in a cozy countryside resort

The fun didn’t end there, the girls danced the night away and sipped on some sparkling bubblies danced to the disco lights and played some fun games such as Never have I ever, Charade and Kiss the Miss among others until the wee hours of the morning. “It is important to enjoy the occasion rather than spending on organizing an expensive-looking party. We took some help from friends and a planner to design a fun an intimate bachelorette surprise which I am sure anyone can customize if they are planning one for their friend,” Deeksha concluded.

Jovila Rodrigues’s bachelorette in a cozy countryside resort

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