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Just Engaged- Mahima and Sanchit’s story and their unique wedding invite

Every love story is unique in its own way, and Mahima Bhardwaj and Sanchit Agarwal’s journey from being friends to soulmates is captured wonderfully in their uniquely creative wedding invitation. Here, we share some details of their romance which are captured succinctly in the pithy lines on the card.

Mahima and Sanchit

Back in 2008, Mahima and Sanchit were taking tuitions at the Career Launcher centre in Noida. She wanted help with a math problem and he offered his assistance. From there on, their equation quickly turned from strangers to friends. Their friendship deepened thanks to long conversations over endless cups of coffee. “We didn’t instantly fall in love but connected almost immediately. We took no time to open up and shared our hearts out to each other,” recalls Mahima, who was 17 years old at that time, and so was Sanchit.

He wooed her with his guitar and over dinners and even gifted her a perfume. However, they had to go their different ways as each had to study further and establish themselves in their careers.

Their individual journeys kept them mostly apart for around five years, and took them to Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bangalore, Kolkata and finally Mumbai. But fate had a way of reconnecting them “like magnets” according to their wedding invitation.

Today, she works for an international hotel group while he is a corporate lawyer. Hailing from New Delhi, Mahima will tie the knot with Sanchit, who belongs to Darjeeling, in a city away from both their hometowns – Agra. The City of Love will bear witness to the nuptials of ‘Peechy’ (Mahima) and ‘Pumpkin’ (Sanchit) on July 14, this year. The venue for their destination wedding is Courtyard Marriott (link to website)

So how did the couple come up with nicknames for each other? Mahima shares, “In 2012, we had had a communication gap of five years during which we connected maybe once or twice a year. One of those times we were chatting using lyrics of songs and couplets we were writing ourselves. We were in total sync with each other’s thoughts and when it was time to sleep, he texted me ‘Goodnight Peechy.’ (he meant Peach – like the fruit). I replied ‘Goodnight Pumpkin.’ What I didn’t know was that he was expecting to get that text. It was like a confirmation in his heart that although we were miles away, our hearts were well connected even after so many years.”

In 2014, the couple started officially dating in Mumbai. Mahima recounts, “We met again in Mumbai as we both reached the city for work. We were always cordial and spoke like friends. We never made it obvious to each other that we wanted to date each other.”

So how did Sanchit propose?

Mahima shares, “I realised I loved Sanchit much before he did, so technically I had been waiting for five years for him to decide the course of our love story and our lives together. One evening, when we were chatting over SMS, I told him I was single when he thought we had been dating. He called me and asked, ‘You didn’t know we were dating?’ I replied, ‘I’ve been waiting for five years and you want to suddenly inform me that we have started dating?’ He did not say anything to that and changed the topic. Next evening, he visited me at my office with flowers in his hand. He had to wait a long time and when I finally came out, he fumbled and was at a loss for words. He went down on one knee and said ‘Peechy, I mean Miss Mahima Bhardwaj… it’s been six years! Can I please finally go out with you?’ I smiled and said ‘Yes'”

And so Mahima and Sanchit’s love story takes the next step towards matrimony, and we at WeddingSutra wish them all the very best as they commence a new stage in their lives together.

Mahima and Sanchit

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