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Kanika and Sahil’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Faridabad

Kanika and Sahil are both New Delhi-based and will be settling in Dubai soon. Kanika shares some exciting insights about her beautiful vineyard-themed pre-wedding shoot and all the creative energy that went behind it.

Vinyard HR-40

How we met
I am a New Delhi-based consultant and Sahil is into export business. A common friend played cupid and got us talking. In my mind, it was supposed to be just a casual chat but to my surprise he messaged me immediately. I do accept that the initial few seconds were awkward. But then Sahil made it so comfortable that the call lasted for more than 4 hours!

Vinyard HR13

Vineyard 2

The Proposal
Sahil and I used to have these conversations where he would invariably ask me about how I would want my ideal proposal to be like. Little did I think that he was actually going to transform my dream into reality. We consulted Happyframes Photography team from the constant suggestions from our friends. Sahil took all the inferences from our ‘proposal chats’ and knew that he had to do something different. He consulted Deepanshi of Happyframes and came up with a vineyard themed pre wedding photoshoot. Deepanshi along with Sahil planned the whole surprise. The proposal was set amid the pre-wedding photoshoot. And the way it happened, it felt like I lived my dream in that moment. It was like a fairytale!

Vinyard HR-51

Vineyard 4

Vinyard HR24

Vineyard 3

The Pre wedding shoot
The shoot had a vintage theme to it. The real task was for Sahil to make a place look like a vineyard since the city does not have one. The location, setups and props were arranged with the help of our photography and location team.  The team at Happyframes were really very helpful in putting our dream to reality. Deepanshi’s attention to detail is flawless. She does this without you even realising she is there.

Vineyard 1

Vinyard HR4

Vinyard HR21

Vinyard HR11

Vinyard HR-39

The couple is set to get married in a private farm in Ghaziabad on the 25th of November. We at WeddingSutra wish them all the love and luck for their happy communion.

Location- The Perfect Location, Faridabad

Photo Courtesy- Happyframes Photography

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