Kitschy Yet Cool: Pink Whistle Man’s Wedding Tool Kit

If life is a highway – then a marriage is one of the vehicles tootling down, keeping a couple rolling forward. And like any machine, this vehicle will need some oiling and fixing to keep its parts in good nick and improve its mileage.

Neha and Kapil, both from the automobile sector, decided to turn this wisdom into a tangible metaphor in a light-hearted manner. They sat down with WeddingSutra Favorite Pink Whistle Man and created a quirky invitation that reflected their sense of humor and had keepsake value.

Kitschy Yet Cool: Pink Whistle Man’s Wedding Tool Kit

Their invitation to their celebrations went out in a Wedding Tool Box. It was the first grunge metal box invitation Pink Whistle Man had ever made and inside, elements with themes of the wedding were laid out exactly as they are in an organized toolbox.

Kitschy Yet Cool: Pink Whistle Man’s Wedding Tool Kit

A quirky video by Reels & Frames takes you through each element – hammer and spanner cookies, chocolates shaped like nuts and bolts, a keychain holder with bike chain detailing and function leaflets designed to look like automobile documents – the invitation had it all.

Kitschy Yet Cool: Pink Whistle Man’s Wedding Tool Kit

Ranjani Iyengar of Pink Whistle Man knew she was designing a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation, “This wedding toolbox has seen its share of bumpy roads, green signals and a finish line that almost seemed impossible at one point.” However, she says everything was finally made possible because of the bride and her family’s faith in her creative abilities, “Neha and her family were extremely open to experimenting with the craziest of ideas,” she adds, and it was an open highway after that.

Video Courtesy: Reels and Frames

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