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Know your Platinum- An interview with Gunjan Suri

By Jaspreet Soni

It is eternal, it is pure and versatile. It is platinum for you. It has an enduring nature that makes it perfect for daily wear for years and years. And it has the strong connect of never-ending love for it never fades or tarnishes just like true love. We talked to platinum design expert, Gunjan Suri at leading jewellery manufacturing house Shrenuj & Co., known for creating perfect mix of tradition and modernity in her avant garde designs. Here, she tells us about why platinum is the preferred metal and the trends to lookout for in platinum in the year 2014-15.


Modern traditional Platinum jewellery

gunjan solo (1)Gunjan says, “People today are looking for personalised pieces. They need creations, which hold a sense of emotion and sophistication, and quality and purity are of primary importance. Platinum fits the bill perfectly. It is 95% pure when set in jewellery form as compared to the 18K gold, which is just 75% pure. And the price point is not too varied unlike the fluctuations that have happened in gold. So you would want to buy a more pure, durable metal. That is why more and more consumers today wish to own platinum jewellery.”

She explains, “White gold has rhodium plating to make it look white and chic, and is more prone to scratches, wear and tear. So there is always a hassle of refinishing, re-plating it to maintain its beauty forever as at its core it is the yellow gold metal. Whereas platinum from the time it is mined it is naturally white so no processing is done to create the luminous look. It is almost flawless.”

Comparitive with White Gold

She says, “It is a metal that connects from the heart. If you see the Platinum Day of Love campaign and the Platinum Love Band collection, you will realise that that there is a lot of sentimental value attached to the metal. Whether it is the infinity symbols, duo bands or love knots, you can choose from the wide variety of the Endless Love range of Platinum Love Bands. Coupleswant something that symbolises the idea of everlasting love, something that can endure time. Platinum stands for that timeless quality of love.”


Platinum love bands

Talking about the trends in platinum that are going to dominate the year 2014-15, she says, “Apart from sophisticated and clean wedding bands with diamond settings (bezel, channel, low mounts), platinum neckpieces are also going to be very popular, especially lariats. They look beautiful, elegant andcharming just the kind of jewellery a modern Indian woman prefers. There will be lot of fusion motifs too to imply transition.


A Platinum lariat necklace

Another dimension will be macro platinum studs with an ‘element of surprise’ like twisting the earlobe in an unusual way or a diamond or any other precious stone peeping out underneath the design. Tiny danglers with clean, fine designs will also make a strong impact. Sophistication and style will rule. ”


Platinum danglers

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