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Komal Panwar: The Bride With A Baraat Of Songs

A marriage marks a new chapter in every individual’s life, but for Komal Panwar, this was a fresh start for not just her personal, but also her professional life! What began as penning down her emotions in songs as an excited bride-to-be, took shape as her new career. In a candid conversation, she tells us about how her wedding made her a lyric-writing, song-singing, ‘Baraati Bride’. “When it was decided that I was to get married in November I was I was ridiculously excited. However, a marriage brings such a dramatic change in everyone’s life that it also had me feeling a little confused. Singing and writing songs has always been my passion so I decided to put pen to paper, let my feelings flow and create tunes that matched the vibe of whatever I wrote,” says Komal. With this came an epiphany and she knew that this had to trust her instinct and she decided to broaden her avenues. She says, “It came to me that if I could write songs about my own wedding then I could do the same for other couples too. Therefore, I decided to broaden my base and I began giving words to the feelings of other couples who wanted personalized lyrics too.

That’s how ‘Baraati Bride’ started” – Komal took this idea and turned it into an opportunity not just to reach other to couples but also hone her skills an grow as an artist. “This entire process taught me the art of music composition, mixing and mastering a song,” she says. Through her song ‘Shenhai’ she gives the world a peek into the myriad emotions that a bride-to-be goes through. The song with its relaxing tunes highlights a bride’s personal thought and moments the amidst the cheer of the celebrations and the pretty visuals of the pink city elevate the mood.

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