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Lights, Camera and a Wedding Story

We met Yasmin Kidwai of Delhi based Spring Box Films at the JW Marriott, Mumbai over ten years ago. At a time when wedding photography was the bastion of traditional wedding photographers and videographers, Yasmin was one of the first professionals from a broadcast media background who wanted to offer brides and grooms a package comprising candid photography and a slick wedding film. Yasmin agrees that the concept may have been ahead of its time; she couldn’t spend time on the new initiative and her other work commitments kept her busy. We weren’t in touch with Yasmin (except when we featured her own wedding here) but a few months ago she got in touch with us. “You know what, I have finally revived the project we spoke about in 2002. Springbox Films now specializes in wedding films. Its an amazing experience, capturing the celebrations of love and what I enjoy most is the interaction with real couples, to make a film that doesn’t just detail the wedding ceremonies, but which tells their story.”

Presenting Mansi and Shobhit’s wedding by Spring Box Films. A charming film that captures the spirit of two people coming together.

Film courtesy- Spring Box Films

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