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Looking for the perfect wedding gift? Here are 3 pairs of Rado Watches you should watch out for!

Everything about a wedding is a reflection of who you are as a couple, so when it comes to your or your loved one’s wedding, everything needs to be perfect. And nothing spells perfection better than the Swiss watch brand Rado. Celebrated across the world for its innovative designs, quality, and durability, Rado’s collection of luxurious watches are ideal for gifting during this wedding season. Here, we have curated three watch pairings that will appeal to every type of couple.

The Glamorous Power Couple
Nothing spells power better than superior quality. If you are a power couple who is fearlessly glamorous and prefer playing by your own rules, you’ve got a match here. Drawing its inspiration from the 1957 original, the Rado Hyperchrome Classic Automatic Diamonds is a highly versatile, modern timepiece featuring elements in pioneering plasma high-tech ceramic and rose gold colored Ceramos. Equipped with a transparent sapphire case back and five bar water resistance, these watches are bound to make heads turn.

Rado for men
Rado for women

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The Minimalist Couple
Mastering the art of minimalism is no mean feat. And for those of you who have achieved it as a couple, it’s time you gave yourself a timepiece that follows your beliefs. With a light-hued dial, three-bar water resistance, stainless steel case, and Rado’s signature sapphire crystal adding scratch-resistant shine, the Rado Centrix Diamonds watches exude quiet opulence that’s perfect for the minimalistic duo.

Rado for women
Rado for men

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The Bold & Adventurous Couple
Wander into the wilderness without losing track of time. If you are a pair that thrives outdoors and loves living the nomadic life, Rado’s True Square Automatic Diamonds is an iconic accessory that should be a part of your collection right away! Created using a square injected monobloc high-tech ceramic case, this unisex watch is light, scratch-resistant, and comfortable to wear so that you and your partner can stay stylish together as you pursue a new adventure every day.

Rado for women
Rado for men

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