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Love Actually- Louloua and Moiz’s Platinum Day of Love

A common friend brought them together, and despite being from different countries and cultures, Mumbai-based Louloua and New York-based Moiz discovered they had so much in common, and slowly fell in love. She hates the cold yet he warmed her heart in a freezing city – and now she’s even ready to move to Antarctica.


When Mumbai-based Louloua went to Los Angeles for higher studies, little did she suspect that the universe had conspired so that she could meet her future husband and true-blue New Yorker, Moiz. From opposite sides of the globe, the duo was now living on opposite coasts on the same continent. Their separate worlds were coming closer. Louloua’s expanding friends circle gradually began to include many of Moiz’s friends. But, both were oblivious to this.


That changed only late last year when Louloua’s childhood buddy, and their common friend, visited the US from Iraq. As New York and Los Angeles were on his itinerary, he had met up with both Moiz and Louloua separately. Existence had willed for him to successfully connect the dots! These two opposite personality types would actually be perfect together, he thought, and wisely approached their families to put in a word for the other. It didn’t take long for everyone to agree.

Of course, their friend was right. Louloua and Moiz fell for each other on their first date itself, but wisely decided to take it slow. From emails and texts, their conversations evolved to phone calls, FaceTime sessions and Skype calls, until it finally led to cross-country flights every other weekend. They had a pact that Moiz would travel to Los Angeles through winter, since Louloua couldn’t bear New York winters.



When Louloua took a three-week trip to Egypt, the distance between the two made them both realize how much they longed for each other. By this time it was February. Louloua decided to brave the cold and flew up north to spend Valentine’s weekend with Moiz. Just her luck that it was -12 degrees Celsius, a record low for New York weather!

“I had never experienced such cold weather,” Louloua recollects, “and I literally thought I would die in the cold! His family and he were super nervous about my visit, knowing I cannot bear the cold at all.” However, she needn’t have feared… It turned out Moiz had planned the most beautiful weekend ever, regardless of those extreme weather conditions. It was also the first time that Louloua met his parents over a cosy family lunch.



For Valentine’s Day, they drove to the City and he took her for a Broadway performance of Aladdin. “He had booked an amazing Valentine’s dinner date at the Melting Pot with all the cheesy shenanigans, including a stuffed toy, a souvenir mug and a photo frame with our picture clicked by a professional at the restaurant,” she blushes as she speaks. “He made me feel so warm and fuzzy all day that I did not care about the dropping temperatures one bit. Of course, being covered head to toe like a snow bunny totally helped. We stopped by Carlos Bakery before we called it a night,” she says. The entire weekend was magical.



Moiz took her out to dinner before her flight back to LA the following day. “During dinner was when I realized that even if I were to move to Antarctica for him, I’d do without batting an eye!” she exclaims. That was the moment their worlds truly became one. That was their Day of Love. “It was then that we finally accepted and knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together,” she adds. Moiz says he knew it all along, adding that Louloua was the commitment-phobe who took so long!



As they bashfully posed for our camera crew during their photo shoot at the JW Marriott in Juhu, the bride-to-be said, “Platinum love bands are a symbol of eternity – rare, exclusive and a bond that cannot be broken. That is exactly how we feel; it reflects on our relationship.” Moiz added, “Our bond grows stronger every day. Often we are able to see the situation through the other person’s eyes without even realizing it. That’s so characteristic of love.” Louloua exclaimed, “The bands reflect on our bond of ‘happy till eternity!’” The couple got engaged in Mumbai this month.


Their wedding celebrations will be held across two continents. A traditional nikaah in New York and a reception for their American friends, followed by a sangeet and reception for LouLoua’s family and friends in Mumbai. Each has taken up the responsibility for the events in their home city, with ample assistance from the families, of course! “As for the wedding trousseau… we’re both part of each other’s shopping sprees, helping each other choose the outfits,” says the lovely couple as they dreamily watch the ocean view, in eager anticipation of a beautiful future together.

If you’re getting married in 2016 or 2017 and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to us (editor@weddingsutra.com) with the link to your FB profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Platinum Love Bands and Jewellery– Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers
Makeup Artist- Beljane Fonseca
Hair- Vishakha Sawant
Location- JW Marriott Juhu, Mumbai

Photography- The Moment by Parag Gopale

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