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Love Actually- Nami and Eham’s Platinum Day of Love

The clouds played ‘will it, won’t it’ as Nami walked out of the salon in Bandra, her smile brightening up a grey, blustery Sunday morning. The puddles and impending storm did nothing to dampen the spirits of both Nami and her fiancé Eham who were so enthusiastic and the WeddingSutra team who were fired up and ready to ‘click-start’ the shoot!


With a clutch of our quirky Bosky umbrellas we wound our way through the tiny lanes and big promenades of the queen of the suburbs, looking for the perfect locations as Eham and Nami told us their love story.



Nami says, “Eham and I are both from the medical profession. I’m a Neuro-Physiotherapist and Eham is a general surgeon in Mumbai. We met in junior college, in the monsoon of 2004. Eham was hard to miss (something about his Harry Potter looks with the glasses) but we hardly interacted in the first few weeks. However, when we realized we were both keen on pursuing medicine, we got talking. I even tried to set him up with a friend! And it was then that I realized he meant more to me than just a friend. As our studying took over our interactions were limited over the next year but with the exams behind us, we started a phase of endless conversation, late night calls and coffees. Six months later, at Bandstand one evening, Eham asked, ‘So what about us?’ in the most casual way possible! And that’s how we started dating almost a decade ago.”




The rain came down in sheets, making each shot a challenge but we found ourselves breathing ocean mists with pounding waves in the backdrop as we made a pitstop at Bandstand which brought back memories for Nami, “I was reminded of that fateful evening at Bandstand when we were still only casually dating though our commitment developed gradually. With an organic fluidity, we evolved from not being able to spend the day without each other to knowing we needed a lifetime together.”



beetle 1

The couple drove the spunky Beetle through the tiny lanes and then up the slopes to reach Mount Mary’s steps. The rain kept lashing down but we continued to grin as the couple cheerfully posed with their ride and Dev, the man of the hour, kept clicking. There were laughs and a couple of ‘oops!’ moments while handling the photography equipment as the couple both perched in the spacious boot of the car for a couple of very romantic pictures as the City of Dreams glistened around them.



beetle 2


Nami and Eham had cancelled a weekend getaway to be able to shoot and they were really pleased they did. It did remind them of a special moment… “On the 29th of April this year, Eham planned an entire day out to celebrate our ‘monthly’ anniversary. It started with a quiet, sumptuous breakfast at a bakery, some quick shopping and an intimate lunch and then we reached the Gateway of India at 5 pm. Eham had been very hush hush about his plans and it only just dawned on me when a man pulled up with a small boat. We stepped into this lovely sailboat laden with flowers and chocolate. We snuggled up at one end as the wind carelessly carried us further into the open waters. With my eyes fixed on the sunset, Eham slipped a band on my finger. And it only got better! We were extremely fortunate to see a pod of dolphins as we sailed back to shore.”

beetle 4

Safe and warm in their love bug, their hands intertwined, love-bands glinting off them, the couple epitomizes the Beetle’s spirit of love. Nami loved the clean designs of both the car and her platinum love bands, “The elegance resonates with our relationship. And driving the Beetle around in the rain reminded us of our first meeting, in the monsoon. The fun little car is youthful and intimate and the drive was amazing. It just made our special day extra special!”


beetle 5


Finally it was time to turn the engine off and Nami and Eham were delighted not only with the chance to drive around and take pictures, but also for the role WeddingSutra is playing, “WeddingSutra has been a blessing with the planning; so much inspiration for décor, the trousseau, invitations, wedding favours etc… “

beetle 3

The couple will have a close-knit, intimate wedding next year in January, in Mumbai. They said their goodbyes and headed off for a hot cup of tea and team WeddingSutra wishes them rainbows over every road they take.

If you’re getting married in 2016 or 2017 and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to us (editor@weddingsutra.com) with the link to your FB profiles, wedding date and ‘How you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Nami’s Dress- Anita Dongre
Makeup & Hairstyling- Lakme Absolute Salon, Bandra Mumbai
Platinum Love Bands and Jewellery- Gehna Jewellers
Umbrellas- Bosky

Photography- Dev Purbiya

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