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Love Actually- Nisha George and Zachariah Pinto’s Platinum Day of Love

Our initiative ‘Love Actually’ is a photo series featuring engaged couples who actively seek ideas and inspiration from WeddingSutra. The series celebrates the beautiful people in love as they start their lives together. Because real love can only begin, never end. Over coffee, a makeover and a photo shoot we get to-be-weds to tell us how they met, show us their platinum love bands and talk about their day of love.


Nisha and Zachariah met at the EMDI (Event Management Development Institute).  Says Nisha: “I came to Mumbai four years ago to study at EMDI, where I met Zachariah, the boy of my dreams and a person who is just like me—both of us love the company of dogs, we have an addiction for tattoos and we love to dance!” Zachariah tells us about their first meeting: “We met at the EMDI fresher’s party four years ago. We were introduced to each other through our classmate and I ended up dropping her home as we both lived in Bandra. Post that, slowly and steadily, we got to know each other well. I moved back to Doha after completing studies at EMDI and our relationship had been through some tough phases due to the long distance. But we have held up beautifully only due to the support we have given each other all these years.”



“There wasn’t any formal proposal, we just knew within a few months that we were meant to be with each other”, says Nisha. She adds, “My uncle was the first person from my family who met Zachariah. He liked him immediately and happily gave me the nod of approval. My parents are extremely fond of Zachariah and they truly believe he will keep me happy. I also love my new parents and look forward to an awesome time together.”



The couple had an official engagement ceremony where “We had our dogs bring in the rings for us in baskets around their necks, we had photo booth signage for family and friends to take pictures with, and it was special for us as we both officially asked our best friends to be our bridesmaids and groomsmen”, says Zachariah. After this fun celebration, the couple soon got busy planning the wedding celebrations which is taking place on 1st November in Goa. The theme for the Church wedding is ‘Vintage Classic’ and for the Reception it is ‘Bling’.



Nisha works with an Events & Weddings company so she’s quite experienced with the task of managing weddings. “Of course planning one’s own wedding is quite different. Thankfully, I do not have any stress points yet as everything seems to be going on smoothly. But on D Day I do see myself on walkies with the team to make sure everything is as planned as I’m very particular when it comes to detailing and precision!”


WeddingSutra wishes the young couple a long and happy ride together.


If you’re getting married in 2014 or 2015 and would like to be a part of ‘Love Actually’ write to us (editor@weddingsutra.com) with the link to your FB profiles, wedding date and ‘how you met’ story. Selected couples will be invited for the shoots in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

Photographs by- The Photo Diary

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