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Love Actually – Sachi and Keval’s Platinum Day of Love

Sparks flew when Sachi met Keval for the first time, through common friends four years ago. But it took Keval six months of relentlessly fanning the flames… “The first time I asked her out on a date, she mercilessly shot me down,” he grins. The second time, she did agree to meet him, but she left in five short minutes! Eventually, after weeks, the couple started going out, their endless conversations continuing from coffee shops to BBM and back again… and suddenly, they were in love!


Sachi and Keval love the cinema and staying home, binge watching hit television series. It doesn’t matter even if four new films release on a Friday, Keval laughs, “You can be certain we’ve watched them all, that weekend itself!”


beetle 2

Keval talks about a sudden realization one day that he couldn’t get by without talking to Sachi every waking hour. Sachi was also increasingly conscious of her growing connection to Keval, “He’s thoughtful, understanding, makes life easy for everyone around him. I’ve matured, being with him!” Perhaps sensing something precious in the air, Keval went down on one knee and proposed. Sachi plays with the love band around her finger as she smilingly recalls her happy ‘Yes!’


Keval though believes it’s his knack of getting Sachi to snap out of foul mood by making her laugh that is his best insurance. The young couple has a shy, tender chemistry that revealed itself during their pre-wedding shoot with us.


Driven around in the stylish Volkswagen Beetle, Sachi was delighted with the plush interiors and a sunroof that flooded the car with soft, sparkling sunlight. Keval was impressed with how much space the cabin afforded and the sheer power of the compact car. “It’s so luxurious and so stylish, fully loaded with the latest specs!” Sachi said excitedly, slipping a side glance at her beaming husband, “So… maybe we’ll buy this one soon?” She grins mischievously at him and they both laugh. What better way to begin your new life than in this incredibly hip Love Bug!


beetle 4-horz

As Mr and Mrs Sheth start their journey together, Team WeddingSutra wishes them a smooth road, all the speed and power they need, enough time to stop and smell the roses and dappled sunlight on their joyride forever!


Venue- The Leela, Mumbai
Jewellery- Gehna Jewellers
Makeup & Hairstyling- Amrita Sanghavi
Bride’s outfit-  Anushree Reddy (available at AZA)
Accessories Partner- Heel & Buckle
Groom’s outfit- AZA

Photography- Shades

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