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Love Actually- Shubhi and Abhinav Kapoor’s Platinum Day of Love

WeddingSutra in conversation with this vibrant, stylish young couple as they drive around the city in a Volkswagen Beetle

When Mumbai-based Shubhi, a communications professional bumped into actor Abhinav Kapoor at a friend’s birthday party a couple of years ago she had no clue he was The One. “We barely said hello,” she remembers. Shubhi and Abhinav connected on social media and after several chats over decided to meet for a ‘casual dinner’. That’s when they realized they had a connection! Still, “we took it slow” Shubhi says.


The couple developed a deep friendship, discovered mutual wanderlust and vowed to be honest to each other. It’s what sustains their relationship and keeps it dynamic. Shubhi says those are the qualities she associates with love-bands which couples seal their commitment with. “It’s like two people who gradually, gently mould each other as they become a couple and take on each others’ aspects to make the other more familiar, more comfortable.”


beetle 1


A year later, they decided to extend a trip to Goa for her friend’s wedding and drove down to Curlies. “We were by the beach, enjoying our beers, when he very casually popped the question. He didn’t go down on one knee or anything. I looked at him, surprised. Then, he pulled out a love-band. Of course, I said ‘yes’! I wanted it to happen too.” The unexpected proposal, says Shubhi, is what she considers as one of the most special day in their lives together.




The families were brought into the picture and the couple was married in Shubhi’s hometown, Jabalpur followed by a honeymoon in Spain. The wanderlust still rules, “We’re always looking for new places to visit. We take off on long weekends with our friends to nearby getaways like Goa…” For their next long sojourn, Shubhi and Abhinav have their eye on Venice.




WeddingSutra caught this vibrant, stylish young couple as they drove around the city in a Volkswagen Beetle and couldn’t help notice they were falling in love – but this time, with the car! “It was love at first sight! It felt like a personification of us!” Shubhi enthuses brightly. “It’s young, fun, vibrant, good looking,” she grins cheekily, “It’s fashion forward. We loved it! We just clicked” The couple loved the car, inside and out – “It was a beautiful experience, a smooth, comfortable ride.”


And as wanderlust prevails, Shubhi imagines the Love Bug enabling their little romantic getaways, “I can totally imagine us driving this car on our weekend trips. I’ve already put the thought into Abhinav’s head! This should be our second car!”

WeddingSutra agrees! It would be the perfect gift for this stylish, livewire young bride.



Platinum Love Bands and JewelleryGehna Jewellers
Makeup and Hair- Jean Claude Biguine India
Shubhi’s Outfit- Veda Raheja (available at AZA)
Location- Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

Photography- Shades

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