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Love Without Borders: Isha and Carlos

The only time when the color of one’s skin and your cultural background becomes relevant to love is when it adds richness and diversity to relationships, lives, and families.

On the other hand, the one thing that never loses its significance is the way partners make each other feel. “We’re friends and we’re lovers,” Carlos shares about his bride, Isha in a wedding video by WeddingSutra Favorite, Candid Wedding Stories. Isha resonates by saying he always makes her smile and this is what she loves about him.

There are a few unique aspects to this wedding video. To begin with, there are the obvious differences between Isha and Carlos’ family. Race, ethnicity and even dance steps show up as different sides. But then, you see that they are of the same coin. As the film goes on, the superficial lines of distinction fade and all you witness are love and joy, universal human emotions.

“We’re generally on the same page, have the same type of humor and like very bad jokes,” says Carlos as visuals of them goofing around, partaking in the rituals, dancing away and being blessed by their families follow. The film carries on – an uncomplicated love made official by an uncomplicated, unpretentious celebration. There is no room for posturing and posing. What you see in this film seems inspired by the love between these two people from two different worlds.

And two worlds come together beautifully as you watch Isha sharing some warm moments with her mother-in-law as the two hug and dance. “Carlos’ family is so nice. They are so happy and welcoming!” Isha says, throwing light on the close bond she shares with his mother, “She is so sweet. Every time I meet her, she is giving me hugs and kisses and it makes me feel so good!”

The joy that surrounds their celebrations comes through effortlessly in every frame and the lyrics of the background score convey all the unsaid emotions that the couple feels on their big day. Happy laughs, wide smiles and the sounds of cheer heighten the joy and all of it together making this film utterly charming.

Videography: Candid Wedding Stories

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