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Meet the Husband & Wife Photographer Teams

WeddingSutra features the couples who click together, and who share a common passion for travelling and exploring new places.

Noopur and Anish, Delhi NCR
Anish studied filmmaking from Australia and later created films for brands like Fortis, BMW, Waves Infratech, Videocon, Thai Tourism and many more. Noopur was an entertainment journalist with a TV news channel and has interviewed world renowned celebrities. Together they founded Happy Flashbacks with an innate need to quench their creative thirst. They both are core filmers and creating beautiful wedding & prewedding films gives them immense creative satisfaction and happiness. Their expertise lies in telling a story of a lifetime through a single video as they capture the quirks and emotions of a couple through their cinematography.

“The friendship that we share is something that gives us strength and keeps us moving. It’s definitely super fun working together as both of us are creative in our own ways & being together always gives us an opportunity to develop ideas that may occur to either of us. We believe in having fun at work and that’s what we strive for always. It’s our love, friendship, agreements and disagreements that is real and perhaps a relatable factor that couples we have worked with notice in us,” they say.

Neha and Chanakya, Ahmedabad
Artists, rather architects by degree, the husband-wife duo Chanakya & Neha always envisioned their venture as an exploration of art in different fields of design and lifestyle.

“Our fascination with weddings began when we started planning our own wedding! The designer bug in us couldn’t really settle for anything “average” whether it was our invite or capturing our big day.” With Chanakya’s obsession with camera and Neha’s expertise in design, Preach Art was established as a creative studio offering an incomparable range of photo and film services for both social and corporate clients. With his background in design, experience in photography and filmmaking, Chanakya is the prime photographer, filmmaker and designer at Preach Art.

“She’s more of an art evaluator than an artist but that doesn’t make her less artistic. She is very bold in her critique. Neha manages and keeps a close check on everything that comes out of Preach Art,” shares Chanakya.

Surpreet and Capt. Pawandeep, Delhi NCR
This husband-wife duo has given their heart and soul to take wedding photography and pre-wedding photography to an advanced level, which delivers great memoirs to the couples. Capt. Pawandeep Singh, a Pilot by profession, is the core soul of the CoolBluez R&D. He is an extremely innovative guy and has revolutionized wedding photography and cinematography. Surpreet, always had passion for photography and developed it over the years during her travel to London while flying for Virgin Atlantic Airways for more than 10 years. She heads the photography team at CoolBluez.

“There is always higher level of confidence when you are extremely comfortable with your business partner, so husband-wife duo certainly wins. You share the same thought process so implementation is easier and the results are more creative,” says the couple.

Their love of travel and passion for photography intersect at a point where they’re always on top of trends and standards in wedding photography all over the world which reflects in their work.

Komal and Prateek, Mumbai
Once Upon a Time – Wedding Tales is a photography company started by Prateek Singhi and Komal Singhi in 2014. Specializing in analog and digital photography, Komal and Prateek provide a host of customized solutions to cover every single aspect of the nuptial celebrations.

“The company was formed out of pure love for art and passion in photography! It’s always been elevating working together as we share our ideas with each other and build it up step by step!” shares the couple. Komal being a fashion designer and Prateek being a fashion and fine art photographer, the amalgamation is solid and uplifting for each other. Having shot and filmed over various weddings across Mumbai, Chennai, Udaipur, Nairobi and Bangalore, this photography duo has come a long way.

Shweta and Soumak, Goa
Founded by Shweta and Soumak, two of the finest Wedding Photographers in India, The Creative Lens provides captivating candid wedding photography and films. Shweta and Soumak were batch mates in engineering college and got married a few years later. Their common interest in photography motivated them to spend more time pursuing it.

Soumak shares, “We started off by dabbling in Lifestyle Photography and later took on our first wedding assignment in 2011. After that there was no looking back.”

“We have different styles of shooting, and I think that helps us capture the wedding story well. In terms of work assignments, we always look forward to different community weddings, meeting people in different cities, and in the last few years we’ve captured many NRI and cross-cultural weddings,” says Shweta.

Jhalak and Ashwin, Mumbai
A film school grad from Vancouver, Canada, Ashwin met Jhalak in 2007 at an Animation Institute in Delhi. “I was a Guest Lecturer and Jhalak was a student there. We got married five years later in Jhalak’s hometown Meerut. Now we’re based in Mumbai and our company ‘Shades Photography’ specializes in Lifestyle and Wedding Photography.”

“I think there are a lot of benefits of being a husband-wife team, the best being we get to spend a lot of time with each other,” says Ashwin and Jhalak. And while they love documenting the festivities and the different functions, what they equally look forward to is the pre-wedding shoot. “It is when we try our best to motivate them to have fun; and it is our way of getting to know them better before the big day”, conclude the duo.

Aastha and Gaurav Chauhan, Delhi NCR
“We were doing a lot of pre-wedding shoots together and the thought of starting our own wedding photography company was really exciting,” says Aastha. ‘Hitched & Clicked’ launched officially after they themselves got hitched. The couple juggled their own wedding preparation with the countdown to their company’s launch.

“It’s been two years and we have been on an incredible clicking journey since then. We have the best job in the world because it’s a perfect fit for our personalities. Having each other’s back all the time keeps us motivated and determined.” Their different perspectives, rather than being daunting, may be the secret to their success, she says, “It may be the reason we’re able to come up with something unique each time and the end result is very fulfilling.”

Hitched and Clicked

Shruti and Jayant, Delhi NCR
Cupcake Productions was co-founded by Shruti Khanna and Jayant Chhabra, a husband-wife duo whose passion for love inspired them to start capturing weddings in an artistic manner.

They met a decade ago as management students and have been married for three years. “At our wedding we realized there’s a need to have a creative workflow in wedding photography and film. So few companies were doing that. So we thought, let’s give couples magical film and photographs they can cherish forever. That’s how Cupcake Productions came into existence,” they say. They both share the responsibilities of designing new creative concepts and editing films and albums.

“Our style is to capture your wedding as it happened, in its most natural form. Precious memories are then frozen in time in our photographs and film. We are storytellers. Each and every wedding we cover is unique and we love to explore new ways to make it different. We love innovating, do a lot of personalized research by talking to the couple and come up with ideas.”

Cupcake Productions

Divya and Debasish, Hyderabad
We met on Facebook. I was working with a US based company as a technical account manager and Deb worked with a media house as a manager. I was looking for work on the weekends to keep busy.

At our first meeting, we discussed my accompanying Debasish on shoots to learn from him. At first, there weren’t many weddings to cover so we were keener on fashion shoots. I assisted Deb, working as a fashion stylist.

Our first wedding assignment as SutraSnapperz was a friend’s wedding and we realized how interesting weddings are to shoot. It’s been over five years and there’s no turning back. Debasish’s forte is client servicing, I handle placements and take care of business strategy. We love doing weddings – they put a smile on everyone’s face, the energy, dancing, singing and laughing – we totally love being part of their happiness!


Mili and Sid Ghosh, Chicago
The highly talented couple run ‘Memories in Motion’ which specialises in bollywood-inspired wedding films. The two met on yahoo chat 12 years ago, and they got married in 2004. Today, they are one of the most sought-after photographers/ film-makers for big budget Indian weddings. Says Mili: “We have been shooting weddings for the past 6 years. I take care of the creative aspect while Sid is in-charge of the administrative and technical aspects. This way we compliment each other’s traits. We both interact with the client extensively since they’re usually having an overseas destination wedding and a lot of logistics are involved in putting a creative team and executing the production of the wedding photography and cinematography.”

Check out their work on WeddingSutra Favorites

Editor’s note: This article was previously published in 2016. It is reformatted and republished in 2017.

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