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Meet Vidya Balan’s Wedding Planners

Erina DeAbreu and Natasha Katgara Gocal who run Divinity Weddings have planned & managed many weddings but this assignment was truly special. “Not because it was a celebrity wedding but the bond we shared with the family which made it special. At no point did we feel we were working with a celebrity bride, and her family was so humble and supportive, that it made the planning process a no-stress project.”

A lot of clients of Divinity Weddings are Marwaris, Gujaratis and Sindhis and this was their first South Indian Wedding. “Though the ceremony was a South Indian style wedding- the food, decor & ceremony, we brought in the Punjabi traditions with elements like the Dhol, Milni & Kaliras in the decor, so it was quite a fusion of both cultures. The client’s brief was simple- keep it simple, private and not take away the true essence of the ceremony.”

Erina has a background in Hotel Management, and Natasha in Events, and there were a lot of new experiences for the duo here. “This was intimate & private celebration, with less than 100 guests, usually most weddings we’ve managed have atleast 500 to 2000 guests. And a wedding with so many press reporters and photographers at the venue, was something we have never encountered or experienced earlier, so it was all not just a fun experience, but a good learning too.”

Photograph courtesy – Harpreet Bachher

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