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Michael’s Romantic Proposal at Mackinaw Island, Michigan

Love is universal but every relationship is unique. And so it follows, that each proposal story is like a fingerprint – inimitable, irreplaceable and particular to just the one union. Two souls, creating a moment, that stands perfect and still, in the endless river of time.

For Bansari and Michael, that moment happened at the tip of Mackinaw Island, with the Michigan Lake overlooking the Mackinaw Bridge.

How we met
Bansari and Michael first met at a mutual friends party in Michigan and Bansari says, “We instantly felt a connection the first time our eyes locked.” Even as they were introduced and initially chatted, they felt they knew each other already. She says, “We grabbed a drink and sat away from the crowd chatting away. We danced, laughed, and talked all night! By the end of the night, it felt like we already knew each other.” For Bansari, waiting for the next work day to get over was the longest Friday ever.

Mike was heading back to New York that weekend. Bansari says they both thought the spark would fade, but “We couldn’t stop talking!” She still tried to talk herself out of her feelings, “I came up with several reasons why it probably won’t work, ‘He’s not Indian’, ‘Long distance?’, ‘It probably won’t work’, ‘We’re too different’, etc. That lasted till about 2-3 weeks until the next time we saw each other again. As Mike got out of his car and ran up to hug me, I think I actually felt my heart skip a beat. Shortly after, he relocated back home to Michigan. Overtime we became best friends, each other’s support system, but most of it all, we realized we were meant to be!”

The Proposal
The couple walked the 8-mile trail across Mackinaw Island which has breathtaking scenery. She says, “We stopped at several spots like at the arch rock to take pictures, but one spot in particular was The One. At about the 5-mile mark, we stopped at a gorgeous spot overlooking Lake Michigan and the Mackinaw Bridge. As we posed to take a picture, Michael whispered, ‘I love you’, followed by the most magical proposal.”

Michael had also planned for a photographer to capture the moment and Bansari is still beaming from the most romantic proposal she could have dreamed of.

Mackinaw Bridge
Mackinaw Bridge
Mackinaw Bridge
Mackinaw Bridge

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