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Missed out on your pre-wedding shoot due to the lockdown? Try a FaceTime photoshoot!

The world may have come to a halt due to the COVID – 19 pandemic but that hasn’t stopped the creative juices from flowing, especially in the wedding industry. Due to the current lockdown on account of the coronavirus outbreak, schedules have been scattered leading to delays or cancellations for many pre-wedding or couple’s photoshoots. However, finding a silver lining and adapting to the uncertain times is Naman Verma, a WeddingSutra Photography Awards winner, who found a creative way to strengthen bonds and capture couples at their best with a photoshoot using FaceTime.

Anupreet who took part in one of the shoots with her husband shares her take on the innovative photoshoot, “Naman has been our go-to photographer and we share a good rapport with him as he covered our wedding and did our pre-wedding photoshoot as well. The idea of a FaceTime photo shoot struck us out of the blue one day when we were conversing about the effects of the current lockdown on photography or art in general. Honestly, we planned it in a day and were amazed by the results since it’s been shot on the iPhone.”

FaceTime photoshoot
FaceTime photoshoot

Aditya and Amit, based in New Jersey also share their experience of working with Naman over FaceTime, “When Naman suggested we shoot some pictures on FaceTime, we weren’t sure about where to start. However, he explained the whole process to us and was very clear with his instructions. We started off with the location scouting which was mainly looking for aesthetically pleasing nooks and corners around our home and then moved on to figuring out the best angles on our iPhone. For our outfits, we chose printed shirts that struck a nice contrast with our minimalistic home. Also, Naman used the gold accents in our living room to add a pop of color to our pictures since our outfits were neutral.”

FaceTime photoshoot
FaceTime photoshoot

“Overall, what really impressed us was the quality of work he was able to produce over FaceTime. It takes a very confident photographer to attempt a feat like this and emerge with successful results. Throughout this, he also stayed true to his neutral and sharp aesthetic even while using the iPhone screen capture mechanism. For us, it was a fun and comfortable process within our home. It was just a FaceTime call for us while the master photographer worked his magic.”

FaceTime photoshoot
FaceTime photoshoot

Naman says, “ It is challenging to shoot over FaceTime since we were dealing with an unstable internet connection but we managed our way around it with constant communication. The first thing we did was roam around their house on video call to decide the best spots and the props we would be using. Thankfully, Anupreet and her husband also had the terrace to themselves so finding light wasn’t an issue. Next, I guided them with tripod placement and poses. Once everything was in place, I took the live photos myself over FaceTIme and did a few edits on them later.”

With a FaceTime photo shoot, photographers get a rare opportunity to challenge themselves creatively by making interesting use of the limited spaces. But, there are a few essentials that a couple must get right to make every picture count.

1. Have a good Wi-Fi connection – A high-speed internet connection ensures blur-free images and a smooth channel of communication with your photographer.

2. Grab a good quality camera phone – The math is quite simple here, i.e., a good quality camera will give you good quality pictures. An iPhone camera, especially, ticks all the boxes when it comes to clarity and colors.

3. Find the golden hour at your home – Between 4 to 5 pm, the sun shines the brightest and most likely, casts its glow over a spot at your home. Make full use of this precious period to take striking sunlit pictures.

4. Play with angles – When it comes to perspective, your photographer knows best. Be it a low angle or an eye-level angle, make sure you follow instructions accurately and don’t be shy to experiment every now and then.

5. Be ready with a backdrop – Decide and arrange your favorite spots at home before you go online. Also, don’t forget to ask inputs from your photographer well in advance as she/he can suggest photo opportunity spots that may have missed your radar.

6. Find picture-perfect poses – Take inspiration from social media influencers who’ve perfected the art of striking a pose and check out the WeddingSutra Blog for pre-wedding shoots to find poses that both of you find comfortable, flattering and interesting so you can discuss them with your photographers.

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