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Missed WeddingSutra MasterClass? Here are 10 valuable tips from the experts

WeddingSutra MasterClass

Bright smiles and keen faces were in evidence on both the brides and the industry experts who walked the halls of Taj Lands End, Mumbai on the 31st of October 2017. There to participate in WeddingSutra’s MasterClass in association with Taj Wedding Studio – a concept that intends to infuse creativity into weddings that brings to life the art of planning a dream wedding, inspired from the very best in the industry . The vibe was electric.

The two MasterClass sessions, moderated by Mareesha Parikh, were focused on providing comprehensive information about weddings and related services to discerning, fashion-forward brides.

WeddingSutra MasterClassClockwise from top left: Kumar Iyer gives make-up ideas for a tropical wedding; Kunal Rawal deconstructs the bride’s brother’s outfit he put together; Brides and their family taking notes

Beyond the Bride
The First MasterClass, titled ‘Beyond the Bride’, presented Sagrika Rai of Warp n’ Weft and ace fashion designer Kunal Rawal of Dstress, along with make-up maestro Kumar Iyer to a rapt audience. The three experts put together a look for a mother, sister and brother of the bride in real time.

Choosing the cuts: At the wedding, the family has several responsibilities and Kunal Rawal reminded the audience that being clad in attire that restricts movement should be avoided. So choosing the perfect cut that not just accentuates but also facilitates movement is essential.

Less is more: A mantra followed by Kumar Iyer, the looks created for each member of the family adhered to minimalistic make-up with clean lines. His advice? Keep the caked look at bay.

WeddingSutra MasterClassKumar Iyer working his magic on the bride’s mother and sister

Color play: Color schemes aren’t just for décor. Sagrika Rai suggested considering colors for the family that are subtle, but powerful. Complementing the bride’s look will work especially well when the family comes together for a portrait.

WeddingSutra MasterClassSagrika Rai explains the meaning every colour holds

Get the fabric right: There’s meeting, greeting, dancing and a whole host of shenanigans and there is every chance you’re going to break into a sweat sooner or later in the celebrations. Sagrika and Kunal both suggest choosing a fabric that will let you breathe to keep you fresh and energetic until the last light is put out.

WeddingSutra MasterClassSagrika with the models, representing the mother and the sister of the bride, whom she styled

Trials – a rule of thumb: Don’t leave things to chance or imagination. While most family members have some idea of the kind of look they want for the final day, Kumar says an actual trial goes a long way in actually getting to know what suits your personality best.

Getting ready for your big day
The Second MasterClass – all about health and beauty – was titled ‘Getting ready for your bid day’. Three experts, cosmetologist Dr. Anjulika Bhagchandani of Kaya Skin Clinic, celebrity nutritionist Suman Agarwal and smile expert Dr. Diksha Tahilramani Batra addressed the brides’ dilemmas and concerns.

WeddingSutra MasterClassLeft to Right: Suman Agarwal, Dr. Diksha Batra and Dr. Anjulika Bhagchandani

Hydrate: All three panelists reiterated the importance of staying hydrated during the wedding. Internally, drinking at least three liters of water a day and externally, by by applying the right moisturisers, adequate moisture translates into clear, supple, gorgeous skin.

Tooth jewel: It’s a hot global trend that hasn’t yet been picked up in India but Dr. Batra assured the brides that tooth jewellery is absolutely safe and will add a sparkle to one’s smile – literally!

WeddingSutra MasterClassDr. Diksha Batra answers a bride’s query

Plan ahead: If you have skin or hair concerns, time is of the essence and Dr. Anjulika suggests heading to an aesthetician at least six to eight months prior to your big day.

WeddingSutra MasterClassDr. Anjulika Bhagchandani iterates the importance of following a regular facial regime

Watch your food: While most brides want to be at their slimmest around the wedding and honeymoon, Suman Agarwal suggests that seeking an expert nutritionist will make sure the weight loss process is safe, healthy and will sort the bride out with her losing her mind, her immunity or her glow.

WeddingSutra MasterClassSuman Agarwal listens patiently to the many dilemmas of brides 

Cryolipolysis: Commonly referred to as cold packs, this non-invasive medical procedure, targets fat in a certain area and reduces it. Suman Agarwal explained that after the one time procedure, the body automatically removes the targeted cells from the body.

WeddingSutra MasterClassClockwise from top left: Suku Verghese, Preeti Jhangiani, Pravin Dabas and WeddingSutra CEO Parthip Thyagarajan; the Taj team; Vandana Mohan, Kainaz Sethna with Parthip; Adhuna Bhabani with a friend

The well-received and insightful MasterClasses were followed by a beautiful closing show by Tarun Tahiliani showcasing his ethereal bridal collection.

To stay updated about WeddingSutra MasterClasses, write to us at editor@weddingsutra.com

Outfits: Warp n’ Weft, Kunal Rawal
Jewellery: Jagan Nath Hem Chand Jewellers, Delhi-NCR
Make-up and Hair: Kumar Iyer and Laksh Singh
Photos: Camera Crew

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