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Something Special on Mother’s Day

Sephi Bergerson, noted Delhi based Photographer writes about an incredible experience—a wedding at his own home, on Mother’s Day.

It is not every day that we have a wedding at home, and this one was actually on our roof. We live in a quiet neighborhood in the center of Delhi and have a big roof overlooking the park. Asha, our trusted and beloved cook/house manager since many years, had gotten her daughter married and we were happy to be the hosts.

Sunday is usually a day off for us as well as the house staff. This Sunday was obviously different for Asha. She came in the morning and was busy cooking all day. The best ‘mattar paneer’ and ‘chhole chawal’ I have tasted in a long while. Her daughter Leena, the bride came a little later and was busy getting her makeup done in my daughter’s room. Shefi, my wife, helped with the veil and gave the last touch, and I took pictures obviously. The intimate function was attended by few family and friends. Everyone was super happy although in an Indian wedding it usually translated into tears. “It is mother’s day today, and this is my present for my mother” said Leena wiping her eyes. Asha was sobbing. Here it is in a nut shell.

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