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A Mountaintop Wedding Proposal in Cecil Peak, Queenstown

If marriages are made in heaven, then a proposal at 5028 ft. above sea level makes sense! Jaspreet popped the question to his ladylove Manavi before breath-taking views of pristine snow-clad mountains and clear waters.

How We Met

Remembering the magical moment with a smile on his face, Jaspreet says, “Sometimes, someone comes into your life, really unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes you forever. Manavi is that someone for me. We’re based in Melbourne and met at a mutual friend’s house party. Who knew that the party would give me the greatest gift ever! From friends to lovers, our relationship gradually grew into something that I can’t even express in words.”

Wedding Proposal at Cecil Peak Queenstown

The Proposal

“When I’m with her, I’m on top of the world and nothing can bring me down. I wanted the proposal to perfectly express our love and feelings and that’s what it did! After hours of searching for a place that holds a meaning to us, I found Cecil Peak in Queenstown. At 5028 ft above sea level, I heard that the place is paradise on cloud nine!

I wanted to truly surprise her so I planned a random trip and wove an elaborate backstory with the team there. Lying to her was killing me but I couldn’t wait to see the smile on her face.

As per our plan, as soon as we landed, the team offered us a free ride to Cecil Peak in exchange for pictures for New Zealand tourism. I must say, their acting was flawless. Manavi didn’t even doubt us once. On reaching the peak, the bird’s eye view of Queenstown excited her, while the feeling of being engaged in a few seconds made me eager. As the photographer asked her to turn for a shot, I bent down on a knee and looked up at my happiness to turn towards me. Her eyes told me a ‘Yes’ even before she did and that is a moment I’ll truly treasure forever.”

Wedding Proposal at Cecil Peak Queenstown
Wedding Proposal at Cecil Peak Queenstown
Wedding Proposal at Cecil Peak Queenstown

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